Ash Cave – Hocking Hills State Park

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Looking for a laid-back, easy hike in Hocking Hills? What about one that is handicap accessible? Then, Ash Cave in Hocking Hills State Park is for you.

Take the quarter-mile paved walkway to see this impressive 700-foot long rock ceiling Native Americans used as a shelter.

Large rock cave with a waterfall in the center surrounded by green trees.

Ash Cave Hocking Hills Directions

Located in the most southern region of Hocking Hills State Park, the entrance to Ash Cave is on OH-56 in Logan, Ohio.

Park on both sides of the street with handicap-accessible restrooms available at the entrance.

Did you bring a snack? Enjoy it at the picnic tables scattered around the trailhead.

Sign saying welcome to Ash Cave Hocking Hills State Park between posts made of stone with green trees in the background
Several picnic tables set among the trees and a dirt ground

Ash Cave Address

State Rt. 56
Logan, OH 43138

Ash Cave Trails

Besides the asphalt trail leading to the cave, you can also hike the rim trail. The rim trail has a lot of steps, but, other than that, is a pretty easy hike.

The new one-way trail now combines both of them into one hike. Take the paved trail to the recessed cave, then hike up the steps and return back via the rim trail.

This allows a one-way hiking route which now is standard in the Hocking Hills State Park System.

However, those needing to stay on the wheelchair-accessible asphalt trail for mobility reasons are also allowed to return that way.

Plaque attached to a rock that describes how the Ash Cave Trail is accessible to the physically challenged
Young girl walking across a wooden bridge towards a forest with tall green trees and a paved trail
Concrete paved trail surrounded by forest on both sides

The Recess Cave

The paved trail leads you to the sandy bottom of Ash Cave – a 700-foot long recessed cave approximately 100-feet tall.

History has it there were several feet of ash under this cave most likely from burning fires used to keep warm under the cave’s protective ceiling.

Take notice of the waterfall spilling down the side of the cave. There’s definitely less water in the summer, but still, a fun place for kids to play when the weather is hot.

Typically, you will see quite a few families sit for a picnic under the cave where it’s shielded from the sun.

Look closely at the below picture and you’ll see the steps in the background that lead you to the rim trail return to the parking area.

Waterfall coming over a large rock structure with a few green trees at the top and sunlight coming in
Large rock cave on the right with tall green trees on the left and on top
Girl walking up a wooden tiered staircase in the forest with large rocks on the left and tall green trees on the right and in front of the steps

Nearby Trails

Access Cedar Falls by way of the Buckeye (Grandma Gatewood) Trail. It’s another 2.3 miles from the top of Ash Cave over to Cedar Falls.

Check out this Ash Cave Hocking Hills trail map for a complete picture of how the trails interconnect.

Once at Cedar Falls, you can continue along the Buckeye Trail to visit Old Man’s Cave and Whispering Cave. If you do any of this, don’t forget to wear your hiking shoes, in fact you can grab any of these best hiking boots under $100 if you are looking for a new pair.

Ash Cave FAQ’s

Are dogs allowed on the Ash Cave trail?

Yes! Within the Hocking Hills State Parks, dogs on a leash are allowed.

Is Ash Cave handicap accessible?

Yes – there is an asphalt path from the parking lot to the cave. You can also return on this path.

Can you swim at Ash Cave?

Swimming is not allowed in any of the streams within Hocking Hills State Park.

How long is the hike to Ash Cave?

There are two trails to Ash Cave. The first is a quarter-mile asphalt trail. A second trail, skirting the rim of the cave, is a half-mile long and is more rugged with quite a few steps.

Is Ash Cave a State Park?

Ash Cave itself is not a state park. It is part of the Hocking Hills State Park System. This system is just over 2,000 acres and encompasses 6 different parks, 2 nature preserves and Lake Logan.

About Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park is located in the southeastern part of Ohio in the city of Logan.

Twenty-five miles of hiking trails await you with varying degrees of difficulty. You are sure to find something for everyone.

Check out the other trails within Hocking Hills:

Two state nature preserves are also within Hocking Hills. Please note, dogs are not permitted in these areas:

Where to stay in Hocking Hills

To be honest, book quite a way in advance when staying in Hocking Hills. Do not wait until the last minute.

I learned this the hard way! I looked for a cabin to rent for a specific weekend in October and, by August, there was nothing available. Nothing.

Yes, I realize October is prime leaf turning season, but I didn’t think there would be no availability!

The first time we visited Hocking Hills, we stayed in the beautiful 2-bedroom Sandstone Oasis cabin by Carefree Cabins. I loved it and would definitely return.

Since then, I’ve been checking VRBO for cabin rentals as I’m hoping to go back in the spring.

Sandstone Oasis Cabin – Carefree Cabins

Hocking Hills Cabins

Looking to stay in a treehouse? Click here to connect to VRBO and search for your treehouse in Hocking Hills.

Find a vast array of cabins. From one-bedrooms to 4-bedrooms and beyond, you can find it. But, you do need to plan ahead.

Most cabins have private hot tubs and outdoor grills as well as all the comforts of home such as all your kitchen amenities.

A brand new Hocking Hills State Park Lodge is under construction and hoping to welcome its first guests in October 2022. I can’t wait to stay here!

Have you visited Hocking Hills? What’s been your favorite hike? I’ve only done half of them so far and looking forward to hiking them all!

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Large horse shoe shaped cave surrounded by bright green trees with the words Hocking Hills Ash Cave in black text on a white background on top

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