Best apple strudel in Vienna

Can you really visit Austria and not have any of the famous apple strudel in Vienna? More power to you if you can, but for those of us who love this mouth-watering tradition, I found the best apple strudel in Vienna.

Of all the places we scoured looking for the best cafés in Vienna, the Café Residenz at Schönbrunn Palace serves the absolute best strudel in Vienna.


Admittedly, my husband didn’t even want to go here. It’s not just a café, but it’s a demonstration as well. He thought it would be cheesy and a waste of time, but he still raves that it was a fun break from the day.

Baker in white hat and coat at the strudel show in Vienna
Our confectioner!

The Apple Strudel Show

Shows are approximately 20 minutes long and the confectioner shows you exactly how to make this pastry. Don’t worry if you don’t speak German, the show was in both German and English and quite interactive.

Our baker started with the apple filling. Do you know what the secret ingredient is? Rum!

Mounds of apple strudel filling sitting on top of the dough at the Viennese strudel show

Ok, making the filling is probably the easy part. Watching her make the dough was a feat in itself.

She twirled and threw that dough up in the air and continually spun it in her hands until it was so thin you could read a newspaper behind it. It was entertaining and educational at the same time.

Baker twirling the strudel dough above her head while making the best apple strudel in Vienna
I could never do this
Strudel show baker stretching out the dough so that it was transparent
You could read through the dough it was so think

Little K was called up to help her finish making the strudel. She was an honorary baker for the day with her own chef hat plus a diploma. She loved coating it with butter!

Girl and baker carrying the strudel dough in a towel to the other side of the work area making the best apple strudel in Vienna
Please don’t drop it!
Baker and little girl basting a strudel with butter
Helping to create the finished product

Where to buy tickets for the best strudel in Vienna

This attraction is included in the Vienna Pass that we bought for 3 days, so we didn’t pay extra for it. The pass gives you access to 60 attractions (plus unlimited use of the hop-on, hop-off bus) for either 1, 2, 3 or 6 days.

Click here to find out more about the Vienna Pass.

However, you can also purchase this separately through GetYourGuide or at the ticket window.

Keep in mind, these shows sell out even though they are offered several times a day. The café only holds so many tables, therefore only a small number of people are allowed for each demonstration.

Get your ticket ahead of time by clicking the link below.


Recipe for the best apple strudel in Vienna

Interested in making it yourself? Take home the recipe card! We did, but have yet to attempt to make it. There’s a strudel hotline number on the card to call if you have questions or problems as you are making it, but it is an Austrian number.

Strudel show location

We almost didn’t go to this as we were only going to visit the palace and the zoo. I guess it just goes to show that you never know where you may find one of your favorite trip memories.

The apple strudel show is located on the grounds of the Schönbrunn Palace. Once you are facing the palace, head to the left in the courtyard area and you will see it. See the arrow below guiding you to it.

Girl sitting on edge of a fountain in front of a yellow and gold palace
Go here for the strudel show

Have you been to this strudel show? Do you think it’s the best apple strudel Vienna has? I would love to know if you made it at home. Please let me know in the comments.

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Layers of apples wrapped in a pastry crust topped with powdered sugar on a plate with a fork under a white overlay with black text reading Vienna's best apple strudel

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