All-Season Magic: The Ultimate Year-Round Disney Outfit Guide

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Are you tired of staring at your closet, wondering what the best Disney outfits for your next trip might be?

Well, wonder no more! I’ve been down this road more times than Cinderella’s been to the ball, and I’ve got you covered.

From sizzling summers in front of Cinderella’s Castle to cozy winters at Epcot, this guide is your all-season ticket to fashion magic. Get ready to dress to impress!

At a Glance:

  • Summer is hot and humid, with July being the hottest month (up to 91.4°F or 33°C).
  • Expect afternoon showers and around 60% humidity in the summer months.
  • The driest period is from January to May.
  • Winter highs can reach around 73.4°F (23°C), similar to summer lows.
  • Always check the Orlando weather forecast before you go!
Standing in front of Mickey's ferris wheel and roller coaster at Disneyland
At Disneyland dressed in our Mickey shirt and leggings

Best outfits for Disney in Winter

Winter in Florida is usually mild. Temperatures are warm rather than hot or cold, and you can expect about 4 days of rainfall per month – the equivalent of about 1 wet day per week. When you’re wondering what to wear to Disney in December, January or February, the following list should hopefully be helpful!

I would like to note, however, that it is extremely important to check the weather forecast before you go. One December, it was in the 90’s (F) when we were there and the following year we had to stop and buy warmer clothes because we experienced two days in the 40’s at night. So, the best outfits for Disney could be ones that keep you warm!

Bundled up at Disney World wearing multiple layers and a hat
It can get cold at Disney World in December!

Quick reference what-to-wear in winter

  • Tops: Long or short-sleeved t-shirts
  • Bottoms: convertible pants or leggings
  • Shoes: sneakers or tennis shoes
  • Cover-ups: sweatshirts and rain jacket
  • You will also need: socks, underwear, nightwear, swimwear
  • You may also want: Disney jewelry and ears


Although it is winter, this is Florida. So a short-sleeved t-shirt is ideal for most days, as you can always add a sweater or jacket if it does get chilly. As is often true when it comes to travel, layering can be key.

Disney t-shirts

You may as well go the whole hog and wear Disney-themed clothing, right? Well, that’s what we like to do, anyway! We love the distressed Mickey Mouse men’s t-shirt, and it’s available in a wide range of colors and sizes.

For mom, our favorite is the Asher’s Apparel ‘Making Magic Happen’ women’s Disney t-shirt.

Disney also makes a unisex tie-dye Mickey Mouse shirt that’s great for men, women or teens. For the younger members of the family, there are so many styles, sizes and shapes available that it would be impossible to list all the kids’ Disney t-shirts!


It may be warm enough for shorts during January in Orlando – or it could be more of a long pants day. So which do you choose? The smart answer is to invest in one or more pairs of convertible pants – or for females, wear leggings.

Convertible pants

We really like the Columbia Silver Ridge range.

They come in men’s, women’s, girls’ and boys‘ versions. Each is available in up to 32 colors, so there’s certainly plenty of choice.

Disney leggings

Another winter option for females is to wear Disney print leggings. They’re lightweight and easy to pack and aren’t as warm as jeans or other thick pants. Disney make a range for women and juniors, or you can buy a 4-pack for younger girls.


Sneakers or tennis shoes are the ideal to go with your outfits to wear to Disney. Adidas makes some great Disney-themed ones, including the dotted or Minnie Mouse print slip-ons in big kid sizes or a pair of lace-ups in a black or white Goofy print for smaller children.

This style is also available as an Adidas adults’ Disney sneaker.

For other options, check out all the best shoes to wear for Disney.


Layering can be key when packing for Florida’s changeable winter weather. A sweatshirt and light jacket or poncho are musts!

disney sweatshirts

It’s a good idea to pack a sweater or two when heading to Florida in winter. It can then be thrown on over your t-shirt when the temperature is lower. There are lots of Disney sweatshirts for all the family, including relaxed fit, hooded and zip-up options.

One with a zip is ideal, as it can be worn open or closed depending on the exact temperature.

rain jackets

You have a couple of choices when it comes to protecting yourself and the kids from the rain. Though it may not rain during your stay, the opposite could happen and there could be heavy showers every day!

We love the kids’ Mickey Mouse raincoat for boys by Western Chief, or their cute Ariel jacket for girls – it’s ideal for creating Disney princess-inspired outfits!

For adults, Columbia’s lightweight waterproof coats are hard to beat.

Read this post on picking the best ponchos to take to Disney.

What to wear to Disney World in December

  • Average low: 53.6 °F (12° C)
  • Average high: 73.4 °F (23° C)
  • Average days of rain: 4 days

Like February, December is a little warmer than January – but only by a degree or few. Layering your clothing is the best way to deal with Orlando’s climate – which can change in the blink of an eye.

Don’t forget your holiday mouse ears!

Follow the guidance on packing for winter when deciding on your Disney World outfits for adults and kids. During December, you also have an excuse for wearing Disney Christmas clothing!

What to wear to Disney World in January

  • Average low: 51.8 °F (11° C)
  • Average high: 71.6 °F (22° C)
  • Average days of rain: 4 days

As you can see, January in Florida is pretty dry, with mild low and high temperatures. During January it can be cold enough to need a sweater or coat, or it could be warm enough for a swim in your hotel’s outdoor pool. We recommend using the winter clothing guide above when deciding what to wear to Disney in January.

What to wear to Disney World in February

  • Average low: 53.6 °F (12° C)
  • Average high: 73.4 °F (23° C)
  • Average days of rain: 4 days

What to wear to Disney in February? Again, it’s a case of planning for a changeable climate. Convertible trousers or leggings teamed with t-shirts and sneakers are ideal for everyone. Don’t forget to pack at least one sweater each, as well as a poncho or rain jacket for wetter weather conditions.

The best outfits for Disney in Spring

Quick reference what-to-wear in spring

  • Tops: Short sleeved t-shirts or tank tops
  • Bottoms: convertible pants or shorts
  • Shoes: sneakers or sandals
  • Cover-ups: zip-up sweatshirt and poncho
  • You will also need: socks, underwear, nightwear, swimwear
  • You may also want: Disney jewelry and ears

The months of March, April and May are, for many, the best time to visit Disney. It’s less humid during spring than it is in summer, and warmer than it is during winter. You don’t get too hot – or too wet – when exploring the park or enjoying the rides. If you’re wondering what to wear to Disney in March onwards, check out our Disney expert guidance!


Dressing for spring at Disney World means packing clothes for warm to hot days. It’s your choice, when picking cute Disney outfits each day, whether to go for a tank top or a short-sleeved t-shirt. The latter means there’s less chance of getting sunburnt shoulders, but on a warmer day, a tank top can feel more comfortable.

disney tank tops

Women can create a Belle-inspired outfit by choosing a Beauty and the Beast gold rose gown tank, while men might like the Star Wars Storm Flowers top.

For boys, the navy blue Mickey tank is super cool, and we rate the Frozen II racerback top for girls hoping to create princess-inspired outfits.


As you can still experience colder days during March, you may want to pack some long pants. Particularly if you’re from a state or country which also has a warm climate, and thus you’re used to hot weather. Floridians often save their shorts for later in spring or even summer! As in winter, convertible pants are a great idea.

disney shorts

If you do hail from colder climes, then do pack some shorts. As long as the weather isn’t too chilly, you may be able to wear these daily if you’re used to wearing them during spring where you live. For women or older girls, the red Minnie Mouse polka dot shorts are sweet. There is also a Mickey Mouse pair in junior and ladies’ sizes. For kids, the 4 packs of Disney bike shorts in various designs look neat and are very light to pack.

Other shorts

Any good pair of travel-type shorts are great to pack for men or other family members who want to team something plain with their Disney t-shirts. Again the Columbia range is a good bet, as all are comfortable, highly rated and made to last.


disney dresses

For many little girls, getting dressed up in a Disney dress is all part of the theme park experience, and in spring this is a realistic idea. Whether she’d prefer a Belle-inspired dress like the pink official Disney one featuring several princesses or a Minnie Mouse dress, there are plenty of options. The latter comes in 7 adorable designs.

Or if she’d like to dress up every day, you could go for a 21 piece set. This way she can create Snow White-inspired outfits, dress like Aurora or wear a Cinderella-inspired outfit. Whoever her favorite Disney princess names are, she can look like them. These are some seriously cute outfits to wear to Disney World – and to be photographed in!

Little girls love to wear princess outfits to Disney. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is. Plus, when they see other girls wearing them, you can trust me that they will want to as well. So, be prepared and take one with you.

Woman and young girl dressed in light blue princess costumes
Matching Cinderella’s!


For spring, you might want to hedge your bets by packing a pair of sandals as well as those comfortable tennis shoes for walking around in.

disney sandals

Children aged 8 or under might be happy in a comfortable pair of Disney Crocs that light up, while grown-up females might find it hard to resist a pair of Disney Havaianas featuring both good and evil characters. Surely the perfect accessory when putting together Disney World outfits for adults!

other sandals

If you want to prioritize comfort over style – or simply don’t want to be dressed in head-to-toe Disney – hiking sandals or footwear made by companies like Skechers is ideal. The On-The-Go Brilliancy sandal for women comes in 8 colors and is perfect for all-day wear.

FitFlops are also far more comfortable than your average pair of flip-flops. Hiking sandals are a great option for everyone too – they’re designed for the seemingly endless walking that any trip to Disney World inevitably involves!


Depending on exactly when you visit, taking some kind of cover-up is a must for Disney. We highly recommend taking a pack of disposable ponchos, or a reusable one for each member of the family. Even on hotter spring days, these are lightweight to carry and not too hot to wear. As in winter, packing a zipped hoodie is also a great idea.

What to wear to Disney World in March

  • Average low: 57.2 °F (14° C)
  • Average high: 78.8 °F (26° C)
  • Average days of rain: 5 days

With the unpredictable Florida weather, it can be tricky to work out how to dress for Disney during March. The guide above details our suggestions for coping with weather that may be a little chilly at times, but generally warm or even hot.

What to wear to Disney World in April

  • Average low: 62.6 °F (17° C)
  • Average high: 84.2 °F (29° C)
  • Average days of rain: 4 days

Wondering what should I wear to Disney World once the weather has started to warm up a bit? it partly depends on the climate you’re used to. Locals will probably still be wearing thicker and longer clothes a lot, while visitors often switch to shorts. As there can still be cooler days, packing a sweater and long pants is still a good idea.

What to wear to Disney World in May

  • Average low: 68 °F (20° C)
  • Average high: 87.8°F (31° C)
  • Average days of rain: 6 days

What to wear to Disney in May? At this point, Florida is on the cusp of summer, so expect some warm or even pretty hot days. With lows still around 68 °F (20° C), though, you might not think it’s quite hot enough for summer clothing. Think about what you normally wear when it’s this sort of temperature where you live, and let that be your guide!

The best outfits for Disney in Summer

Quick reference what-to-wear in summer
  • Tops: Short sleeved t-shirts or tank tops
  • Bottoms: Shorts – or sundresses
  • Shoes: sneakers or sandals
  • Cover-ups: Poncho
  • You will also need: socks, underwear, nightwear, swimwear
  • You may also want: Disney jewelry and ears

If you’re considering what to wear to Disney in the summer, this part of the guide is for you! What do you pack when you’re visiting the park during June, July or August? The summer months can see some scorching temperatures, so packing light, breathable clothing is ideal. Shorts, tank tops and sundresses can be ideal. You will also need to be prepared for rain – these are the wettest months of the year.

For further guidance, check out the post on beating the heat at Disney World.


T-shirt or tank top? The choice is yours. T-shirts will protect you from the summer sun but will feel heavier than a tank top. If you’re carrying a backpack, a t-shirt can be more comfortable too as there’s a layer of fabric between your skin and the straps. For men, women and kids, a tank top is often going to be the most comfortable choice, but make sure to slather your shoulders in sunscreen!


You can ditch the long pants from June onwards – summer is actually here! Floridian summers are more predictable than the winters, and wet weather is all part of that. So choosing shorts that will dry out quickly is a great idea. Don’t worry about protecting your legs from the rain – they’ll dry very rapidly once the downpour is over. Women and children might like to wear Disney shorts, while men will be best off in lightweight hiking or travel shorts that are designed to dry out fast.



For females, a sundress can be a great option, as it’s often more light and airy than a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Sundresses for women and girls that are made from light, quick-drying fabric are ideal. We love the Toad and Co range of dresses that are specifically designed for travel. There’s a large selection of lovely designs, and they can be worn for daytime or dressed up for evenings. Little girls, meanwhile, should be happy in any pretty, lightweight sundress.


You might want to forget about shoes, but if you don’t want to get wet feet then you may still wish to stick to tennis shoes or sneakers. The best sandals for fashionistas have to be Disney-themed ones, while comfort-seekers will prefer the likes of Crocs, Skechers, hiking sandals and FitFlops.


Trust us, it’s ponchos all the way when you’re visiting Disney in summer! Read our complete guide to picking the right Disney ponchos, or check out our number one poncho pick overall below.

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What to wear to Disney World in June

  • Average low: 73.4 °F (23° C)
  • Average high: 91.4°F (33° C)
  • Average days of rain: 12 days

How to dress for Disney World in June? The weather is getting hotter and you can expect rain – on average – on around two fifths of the days. You need cool, comfortable clothing – like sundresses or shorts with tank tops or t-shirts. Check out the summer section above for further advice on what to wear in June.

What to wear to Disney World in July

  • Average low: 75.2 °F (24° C)
  • Average high: 91.4°F (33° C)
  • Average days of rain: 13 days

Clothes to wear at Disney World in July should help you cope with the heat, which can sometimes be intense. Again think shorts plus t-shirts or tank tops, or sundresses for little and grown-up girls. Again, it’s a good idea to carry a rain poncho too!

What to wear to Disney World in August

  • Average low: 75.2 °F (24° C)
  • Average high: 91.4°F (33° C)
  • Average days of rain: 14 days

The must-haves for a Disney World trip in August definitely include ponchos – it’s the wettest month as well as the hottest. Don’t forget swimwear too – a dip in the ocean or hotel pool is a great way to beat the heat. You can read more about this in the section below, which covers general advice on what to wear in Disney World all year round.

Why not read our article on what to do when it rains at Disney World?

The best outfits for Disney in Fall

Quick reference what-to-wear in fall
  • Tops: Short sleeved t-shirts
  • Bottoms: Shorts or convertible pants
  • Shoes: sneakers or sandals
  • Cover-ups: zip-up sweatshirt and poncho
  • You will also need: socks, underwear, nightwear, swimwear
  • You may also want: Disney jewelry and ears

As the summer season draws to a close, the temperatures in Orlando start to drop. But only by a little, at first! What to wear at Disney World in September differs slightly from the later months of October and November, as you may need cooler clothes in September than you would in November. Again, the climate you’re used to also has some relevance here.


It’s still tank top or t-shirt weather in September – and it’s still rainy season too. Short sleeved t-shirts are the best choice overall for autumn, as the temperatures have started to fall a little. If you’re visiting in October or November, you’ll need slightly warmer clothing than in September. Especially if you’re used to a hot climate. A mix of tank tops and t-shirts for hotter or cooler days is ideal for all members of the family.


Fall temperatures are much the same as spring, so again you’d ideally need a mix of long pants – convertible ones are ideal for when temperatures rise – and shorts. Pack those Columbia convertible pants and you can wear them with or without the leg sections. For warmer days – especially in September – taking a pair or two of shorts is a good idea. Whether they’re hiking style shorts or Disney ones.


Packing a dress or two is still a good idea, particularly in early fall. A couple of Toad and Co dresses make ideal Disney World outfits for mom, and can also double up as evening wear.

Little girls, meanwhile, will love to dress up in modern Disney princess outfits for when they meet the characters or have their picture taken.


Sneakers or sandals? With spring-like temperatures, fall also has similar levels of rainfall to spring. Except in September, when it rains for more than a third of the month. Packing both sandals and sneakers covers all bases, whether they are Disney sandals, hiking sandals for kids and adults or a cool pair of themed tennis shoes or sneakers.


As with spring, packing a zip-up hoodie and a reusable or pack of disposable ponchos is the best bet. While you’ll have less need for the sweatshirt during September than in October and November, you are likely to need the poncho more often during early fall. For late fall, when it’s a little colder, a rain jacket could be worn instead.

What to wear to Disney World in September

  • Average low: 73.4 °F (23° C)
  • Average high: 89.6°F (32° C)
  • Average days of rain: 11 days

In general, you still want summery and wet weather clothing for September, as this month still sees around 11 days of rain on average. The temperature will only have fallen slightly since the peak in July and August. Check out the summer and the fall sections of this article to help guide your family Disney outfits.

What to wear to Disney World in October

  • Average low: 68 °F (20° C)
  • Average high: 84.2°F (29° C)
  • Average days of rain: 5 days

October is when things start to cool down – but temperatures can still be warm or even hot. There is less rain during October, but when it is wet it may be possible to wear a rain jacket rather than a poncho because the temperature will be lower than from June through to September.

Don’t forget to wear your Disney-themed Halloween clothes!

Matching Disney family t-shirts
Disney Halloween family t-shirts

What to wear to Disney World in November

  • Average low: 59 °F (15° C)
  • Average high: 78.8°F (26° C)
  • Average days of rain: 3 days

What to wear to disney in November? This month is on the brink of winter, yet for those from colder areas it can still seem balmy in comparison. There is less chance of wet weather this month than during any other month of the year – but with a humid climate, carrying a lightweight rain jacket or poncho is still a wise move!

What to wear to Disney World all year round

There are several items that you might need or want to pack, no matter what time of year you go to Disney. Any of these belong on any self-respecting Disney World packing checklist. They include essentials like swimwear, socks, nightwear and jewelry. And don’t forget those Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears!

Disney socks

When considering outfits to wear to Disney, don’t neglect your feet! Unless you’re going in summer and plan to wear sandals all the time – even when the weather is wet – you’ll need to take some socks with you.

Our favorites include the multipack of princess no show socks for girls that provide the perfect finishing touch to that Cinderella or Jasmine inspired outfit. For boys, the Disney Cars set are a great option. Our top pick for men is the pack of men’s Mickey Mouse socks, while women really are spoilt for choice. We have a fondness, though, for the pack of Minnie or Mickey no show socks.

Disney underwear

Don’t forget about what goes underneath when planning outfits for Disney World. There are lots of cute kids’ underwear with a Disney theme. It’s guaranteed to make them keener to change into a fresh pair each day.

Disney nightwear

Of course, you don’t need to buy Disney-themed nightwear – but do you want to? Cute outfits for Disney World don’t have to be just for daytime, and there is some cool nighttime Disney World attire to choose from.

Disney swimwear

If you’re staying in a hotel with a heated pool, then swimwear is a must at any time of the year. And who’d want to miss out on taking a cooling dip when it’s hot and sticky out there? There are plenty of Disney swimwear options for mom, dad and the kids. For little girls, in particular, there are literally loads of cute swimsuits.

Disney jewelry

So we’ve covered the best clothes to wear to Disney World in some depth – but what about accessories? Some cute jewelry can be the perfect finishing touch for those Disney park outfits. Personally, I have. a couple Alex & Ani Disney bangles and wear them anytime.

Girls, teens and their moms can choose between crystal earrings or necklaces, as well as some sweet little Disney bracelets and watches.

Disney ears

And finally – while we’re talking accessories – don’t go without a pair of Disney ears each!

Young girl with rose gold minnie mouse ears on to match her outfit for Disney in front of Cinderella's castle.
Rose gold mouse ears

No park photo opportunity is complete without them. Even the best Disney outfits really do need this perfect finishing touch!

Outfits for Disney summary

We hope this post has given you some guidance regarding what to pack and creating the best outfits for Disney World whatever time of year you travel. From the best shoes to wear to Disney World to how to dress for Disney world in December, March, June or September, we hope this post has helped you decide what to pack for Disney.

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Cinderella's castle with a young girl in a Disney outfit looking out from a white rope at Disney

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