Take a Peek at the Disney Cruise Room Service Menu

So, you are on a cruise and you want to …. EAT? Yes, you will be doing a lot of that on a cruise. Did you know that room service is free on a Disney Cruise? I don’t know about you, but I never order room service at a hotel due to the outrageous cost, but… since it’s free…. Here’s a look at what you can order from the Disney Cruise room service menu.

The Disney Cruise room service breakfast menu

We always went to either one of the dining rooms or the Cabana’s buffet for breakfast, but you can order some beverages and pastries for the morning. Hang the doorknob card out in the evening and choose what time you would like it delivered.

There are several doorknob cards in the desk drawer. If you need more, just ask your stateroom host.

Disney cruise room service breakfast menu to hang on doorknow
Disney Cruise Breakfast Menu / Photos by Carrie Hooks Voss

Please remember to tip. Room service does not automatically apply a gratuity like they do at bars. We usually give $3-5 each time we order something. I always bring a stack of 50 one-dollar bills with me on vacation just for things like this.

Find the complete room service menu in the heavy, hardbound Disney Cruise book on your desk. Flip through to the center pages where there is a ton of ship information.


What’s on the Disney Cruise room service menu?

You will come across a page that looks like this:

Disney cruise room service menu listing food and beverage items available to order
Room service menu onboard the Disney Fantasy

If the item says ‘available at an additional cost’, then you need to pay for it. Funny that you can go to the pool deck and get all the soda you want for free, but it’s an additional charge from room service as well as the bars.

The Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Panini along with the All Hands On Deck appetizer sound awesome, but I was never hungry enough to order them through room service. If you have had either, please let me know in the comments how they were!

We mostly ordered bedtime snacks on our cruise. Cookies and hot tea before bed? Yes, please!

Serving tray with 2 white mugs, a stainless steel carafe and a plate of cookies from Disney Cruise room service menu
Bedtime snack!

Room Service

Our food was always delivered within 20 minutes of ordering. Just pick up the phone, dial 0, then press 1 for the Disney Cruise room service.

Coffee and hot water were served in carafes. This was great because it stayed hot longer, so you didn’t even have to drink it right away.

The host set the tray on the coffee table and mentioned to us to either call room service back to pick it up, leave it outside our door or just let it remain in the room.

Mickey ice cream bars, a stainless carafe, 2 white mugs and tea bags set on a tray ordered from the Disney Cruise room service menu
Had to have a Mickey bar on our last cruise night

A couple of items not on the menu, but definitely can be ordered are Mickey ice cream bars and Uncrustables.

I was so stuffed from dinner all the time, but I had to say I ordered a Mickey bar from room service so I did. Yeah, I ended up eating it, too. I tried to get a good picture of it to embody our Disney Cruise, but it was dark outside so nothing turned out too well.

Chocolate coated ice cream bar in the shape of a Mickey head on a stick in front of a railing
Celebrating Mickey on the last night of our cruise

In case you are wondering, the cookies are big and delicious. Chocolate chip cookies come 2 per order wrapped in a paper bag while the oatmeal raisin were smaller, but came with three. Hot tea is served with a variety of tea bags which is great when you are unsure about what they have.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know I like to be pampered. Ordering room service on our Disney Cruise (for free) was right up my alley.

Next time, though, I want to eat on the verandah. It’s funny how fast 7 days go by on a cruise. Do it while you have the chance. And order a Mickey bar for dessert!

Do you plan on taking advantage of this? What would you order from this Disney Cruise room service menu? Let me know in the comments!

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Two pictures with top picture showing a room service tray consisting of steel carafe and Mickey ice cream bars and bottom picture showing a close up of a chocolate cover ice cream bar in the shape of Mickey Mouse head

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