How to Organize Your Disney Cruise Stateroom: Like a Pro

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If you’re gearing up for your first magical voyage, you might be wondering how to organize your Disney Cruise stateroom.

Trust me, I’ve been there! Before my first Disney Cruise, I didn’t know the first thing about stateroom organization.

But let me tell you, a well-organized room can make a world of difference in your cruising experience! From maximizing space to knowing what essentials to bring, a little prep goes a long way. So, ready to turn your stateroom into a cozy, clutter-free haven? Keep reading!”

Bed with white sheets and a Disney Cruise green blanket and a blue sofa with red pillows and small table
Deluxe Family Verandah Stateroom on the Disney Fantasy

1. Unpack everything

Don’t live out of your suitcase. Disney provides plenty of space for all your stuff.

Two storage closets were in our cabin. Hang any long pants or dresses in the long cubby while storing shirts, blouses and kids clothes in the wider cubby.

Ask for more hangers if you need them. I counted 26 total hangers in our closets – way more than the 3 of us needed. But, if you do, your stateroom host/hostess will be happy to get them for you.

In addition, the bottom of the wider closet has shelving for all your shoes and flip flops.

Wooden closet showing hangers and a white laundry bag
Plenty of hanging closet space
Long wooden closet showing a couple of hangers and a white ladder
Use the tall closet for dresses and long pants

2. Use packing cubes

I color code our packing cubes so we know which ones have our own clothes. Instead of unpacking them completely, I just toss them in the dresser drawers.

There is ample storage space in the dresser. Besides the bottom pull out drawers, there are 2 cabinets with shelves overhead.

Keep extra sunscreen, bug spray or tumblers on the shelves with front bars to prevent them from falling out.

Each of the two nightstands has an additional drawer if you need more room.

In addition, the table in front of the sofa provides a little nook of storage when you remove the top.

Room showing a large desk area with many drawers and shelves and a red chair and mirror
Oversized desk and storage area

3. Bring extra magnets

While the Disney cabin has 3 strong hooks attached to the wall, bring extra to keep things out of the way.

I used our extra hooks to keep our lanyards and hoodies on while the Disney hooks held more for items such as our backpacks, purses or day bags. This really helps to organize your Disney cruise stateroom by keeping things off the floor and giving it a neater appearance.

The Disney Cruise cabin walls are all magnetic. Look for magnets that can hold approximately 22 pounds. I bought these magnetic hooks for our trip and they came in very handy.

4. Use the desk for hair appliances

It was ingenious of Disney to tell you where to style your hair. The stateroom is equipped with a high voltage plug labeled expressly for the blowdryer (Disney provides one in the desk drawer).

Furthermore, there is a mat laying on the dresser telling you to keep your flat iron/curling iron here.

This made sense because there just isn’t enough room in the bathrooms to keep all this stuff. Just store your brush and hair products in the first drawer along with the blowdryer.

Blue protective mat on top of light colored desk with a white flat iron on top
Use the protective mat for any heat styling tools

5. Bring a portable hamper

This is a dollar store item I have taken on several vacations. It’s a pop up hamper, so it requires little luggage room.

Keep any soiled items in here that you will definitely not be wearing again. Then, at the end of your cruise, gather everything in here into specific packing cubes so you don’t intermingle it with anything that could be clean (yes, I overpacked and didn’t wear several items).

6. Hang toiletries in the bathroom

Again, Disney’s unique split-bathroom concept allows you to have 2 toiletry areas. One bathroom, with the sink and toilet, has 2 hooks on the wall allowing you to hang any bags.

Plus, it has shelving around the sink for toothbrushes, toothpaste and rinses. Or use it to unpack your toiletry bag. There was plenty of room.

Since there are 2 bathrooms, the shelf space is doubled. In addition, the shower provides its own shelving for razors and shaving cream.

Disney supplies you with large bottles of its famous H2O brand of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and body lotion. However, these are not to take home. The hosts refill them so they are continually full.

Two toiletry bags, one black and one blue, hanging on a white tiled wall with a few red and black small tiles
Hang toiletry bags to save space
Small white Disney Cruise bathroom showing a toilet, sink and some storage space.
Toilet and sink room
Small white tiled room with sink, mirror, white towels and 4 storage shelves.
Plenty of storage space on the shelves in the shower room

7. Store luggage under the bed

Surprisingly, we fit our 3 large suitcases under the bed with no problem. Here, they are out of the way not to be seen until you need them again.

The under-bed space is quite deep as well, not like your bed at home (well, at least not mine). Don’t worry if you have a large suitcase – it should fit.

Organize your Disney Cruise stateroom

With staterooms that are 50% larger than other cruise lines, Disney goes out of the way to make use out of every available space.

Take 30 minutes to unpack your bags (I think we did ours after dinner the first night but before the show) and not think about it again.

What do you think? Have you been on a Disney cruise? What other storage secrets have you learned? Let me know in the comments!

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Disney cruise cabin desk with light wood, mirror and red chair along with phone and book on top of desk

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  1. says:

    One of these days im going to be able to talk my teens into going on a Disney Cruise with me! Im just not sure if there is enough things for them to do on the ship to keep them entertained! These are awesome tips! Any tips on how to get my family on board?! LOL

    1. Christine Zelina says:

      There are a lot of people that take Disney cruises that don’t even have kids! I actually was kind of surprised. However, there is plenty for teens to do, too. There are nightclubs for specific age ranges where they can hang out with other kids their age. Plus, there are recent (and new) movies showing in the theater – we saw Malificent 2. So, it’s not just for younger kids. In fact, the evening Broadway style shows are fantastic for all age groups. Don’t forget, once you are in a port, you are free to do whatever you want. Maybe you can bribe them with food? LOL. Disney cruises have one of the best/finest quality of food. I hope you get to go – it really is a lot of fun!

    2. Amy Aajee says:

      Disney has special clubs just for the tweens and teens. My kids love that they can come and go as they please and help themselves to endless free food at the eateries on deck.

      1. Christine Zelina says:

        Hi Amy, Yes how cool is that – special clubs for all ages. We didn’t check those out because my daughter wasn’t old enough at the time. I think Disney just does a great job overall in making sure everyone is happy.