8 Fastest Rides at Disneyland: 2024 Thrill Guide

Eager to begin your park visit by riding the fastest ride at Disneyland?

Did you know the fastest ride is actually at Disney California Adventure?

That doesn’t mean that Disneyland Park doesn’t have its own share of fast rides, but for thrill-seekers, California Adventure Park is where it’s at.

Key Takeaways:

  • The fastest ride at Disneyland Park in Anaheim is the Incredicoaster at 55 mph.
  • In addition to the Incredicoaster, there are 7 other roller coasters of varying speed, including one just for the kids.

Let’s check out the list, including any height requirements and park location.

If you are still planning your Disneyland vacation, don’t forget to read up on how to save on your Disneyland trip before you go.

Fastest Rides at Disneyland & California Adventure

1. Incredicoaster – 55mph

Steel roller coaster that is the fastest ride at Disneyland with several large hills enclosed in a red tunnel in front of a body of water with the sun setting and casting a orange glow.

Formerly California Screamin’, the Incredicoaster is the fastest ride at Disneyland. Clocking in at 55 mph, it’s a full 15mph faster than its closest competitor.

Based on the Pixar Incredibles movies, this coaster blasts off from 0 to 55 mph in 4 seconds – wow!

The Incredicoaster is the 8th longest coaster in the world (6,072 ft) while it also takes the top prize of being the longest coaster with a loop.

If you are visiting the Disneyland Resort looking for thrill rides, this one must be on your list as it takes top prize as the fastest roller coaster in Disneyland!


Watch your timings, though. World of Color, the nighttime water display at Pixar Pier, sometimes causes the Incredicoaster to close early. Remember to check the Disneyland app or the schedule online.

Let me know if you smelled any chocolate chip cookies on the ride!


  • Height requirement: 48”
  • Location: California Adventure – Pixar Pier
  • Genie Plus: Yes
  • Single rider line available: Yes
  • Rider switch: Yes

2. Radiator Springs Racers – 40mph

Red steel sign car with white letters spelling RACERS under a brown wooden sign that reads Radiator Springs
One red car with people in it and one green car with people in it race around a track in front of orange rock mountains

Admittedly, of all the California Adventure and Disneyland rides, this is my favorite. Between the storytelling, the scenery and the ride itself, Disney created one awesome land. I wish they would build it somewhere at Disney World!

Make your way to the back of Cars Land and find the Radiator Springs Racers.

After some meandering through the story, you end up racing another car to the finish line.

The Disney Imagineers outdid themselves on this ride. This is definitely a must-do – if not for the thrill, then for the architecture alone.


  • Height requirement: 40”
  • Location: California Adventure – Cars Land
  • Genie Plus: No
  • Individual Lightning Lane: Yes
  • Single rider line available: Yes

3. Splash Mountain – 40mph

Mountain made of rock against a blue sky and white clouds with people sitting in a carved log going down a track into a body of water at the bottom

It needs to be said that the entire ride does not go 40 mph. Rather, this is the speed when your log flume is barreling down a 5-story drop. Sitting in the front, you will get wet!

The ride is centered on the Br’er Rabbit and following him to his laughing place.

Going to warn you, though, you may not get the tune of ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah’ out of your head the rest of the day!

➡️ Please note: this ride is being refurbished and will be based on The Princess and the Frog.


  • Height requirement: 40”
  • Location: Disneyland – Critter Country
  • Genie Plus: Yes
  • Single rider line available: No

4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – 35mph

Tall orange rock mountain on the left against blue sky with green trees around and a roller coaster in the form of a train carrying people in front

Definitely a Disney standby, experience the gold rush from a mine car as you traverse around the mountain looking for gold.

Many times at park opening, we ride on this several times in a row. It actually dizzier walking (or running) through the twists and turns in the line queue than on the ride itself.

This is one of my favorite rides!


  • Height requirement: 40”
  • Location: Disneyland – Frontierland
  • Genie Plus: Yes
  • Single Rider Line available: No
  • Rider Switch: Yes

5. Space Mountain – 35mph

Tall white Space Mountain Sign against a gray sky

Although it’s listed at the same speed as Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain feels faster in part because you can’t see where you are going. Is Space Mountain scary? That depends on you, but to me, this ride is definitely scarier.

Wilder twists and turns have you soaring through space, but you don’t know where you are turning next. You also feel more of a breeze as you rush through the galaxy (hidden fan, perhaps?).

Can I admit that I chickened out on this ride before? My 8-year-old hasn’t let me live that down.


  • Height requirement: 40”
  • Location: Disneyland – Tomorrowland
  • Genie Plus: Yes
  • Single rider line available: Yes
  • Rider Switch: Yes

6. Goofy’s Sky School – 27mph

Looking up at tall white and orange building against blue sky and red sign reading Goofy's Sky School

I never understood why the height requirement here is taller than for Space Mountain. Goofy’s Sky School reminds me of one of those older ‘mouse’ coasters you find at an indoor amusement park (I think Mall of America has one).

The premise of this coaster is that you are on a flight training vehicle – showing Goofy how to fly.

Personally, I would opt for either Space Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain, but if those lines are long, you may as well try this.


  • Height requirement: 42”
  • Location: California Adventure – Paradise Gardens Park
  • Genie Plus: Yes
  • Single Rider Line available: Yes
  • Rider Switch: Yes

7. Matterhorn Bobsleds – 27mph

Tall man made rock structure against clear blue sky with several green pine trees in front and a turquoise toboggan carrying people circling the mountain

You can’t miss the steep rise of the Matterhorn mountain after entering Disneyland. Walt Disney imagined a toboggan style coaster and it transformed into the Matterhorn.

Sit single file in a toboggan sled as your journey takes you to meet the Abominable Snowman.

Disneyland is the only Disney park to have this ride. It’s a little bumpy and jerky for my taste, but my daughter loved it, especially when her dad scared her from behind thinking the yetti got her.


  • Height requirement: 42”
  • Location: Disneyland – Fantasyland
  • Genie Plus: Yes
  • Single rider line available: Yes
  • Rider Switch: Yes

8. Gadgets Go Coaster – 22mph

Red roller coaster track with bright yellow coaster and green doors carrying people around a curve

If your little one isn’t quite tall enough for one of the above coasters, try the Gadgets Go Coaster.

With a height requirement of 35”, this coaster is designed for one adult and one child in the seating area. It’s the perfect way for your child to get accustomed to a thrill ride without being too scary.


  • Height requirement: 35”
  • Location: Disneyland – Mickey’s Toontown
  • Genie Plus: No
  • Single Rider Line available: No

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How many of the fastest rides at Disneyland and California Adventure have you been on? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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Large blue ferris wheel with a Mickey Mouse head in the center with yellow sunburst around it; in front of a white wooden roller coaster than has a red tube enclosure; text saying 8 fastest rides at Disneyland on top written in white letters.

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