5 Free Road Trip Printable Games for Kids

How many times do you hear ‘Are we there yet?’ when you are taking a family road trip? If you answered ‘too many’, then download these free road trip printable games for your family.

Pictures of 5 different printable games with a cover page titled Road Trip Games. All are on white paper outlined in navy blue with a steel gray lettering for the titles. Red, yellow and green signs and text throughout.

Not sure about you, but I don’t give my daughter a hotspot so she can continue to play Roblox or watch YouTube while we are in the car.

For rides up to 45 minutes, she is pretty much content just sitting there and watching out the window.

However, anything longer than that, and she gets antsy.

We started to play some car games and that definitely helped pass the time quicker.

Since we are taking more local trips from Cleveland, we are in the car more often. I created these road trip games printables and hope they can help you, too!

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Directions for the Free Road Trip Games Printables

Not everyone may be familiar with each of the games.

Here’s a brief rundown of each game and how to play it. In addition, some games have multiple options for play, so I’ll list those as well.

Road Trip Bingo

Ok, this one is my favorite.

Who doesn’t like looking for road signs?

Plus, it teaches younger kids matching abilities just like all those matching game squares.

Since this is a bingo game, the rules are to find the signs listed and then yell ‘Bingo’ when you have 5 items in a row either across, down or in a diagonal.

Don’t forget the Free Space in the center!

Turn this into other games by using the following variations:

  • Postage Stamp: Find all 4 of the corners
  • Full card: Find all the signs to complete the bingo card

If traveling with more than one child, it would be best not to shout out loud when you find each road sign, but this may not be possible, especially when helping younger kids.

As with each of these games, adapt it to your family’s needs.

White bingo sheet with 5 rows and columns of boxes with pictures of various highway road signs. Gray steel lettering with title Highway Sign bingo at the top

ABC Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

This one is fun when kids are a little older and can spell and write things themselves.

Your job is to find something that begins with each letter of the alphabet and write it in the space provided.

The person with the most answers filled at the end of the car trip wins.

A few variations for shorter rides:

  • Find the items that begin only with the vowels (A, E, I, O, U)
  • Circle the letters that are in your first name and only look for those items (this is great to add some diversity to what letters you need to find among your family)
White paper outlined in navy blue with gray steel lettering at the top spelling out 'Scavenger Hunt'; Each letter of the alphabet is listed along with a line next to it.

Match the Car Color

The perfect game for the youngsters!

At an early age, most kids know their colors and can accurately tell you what color a car is.

If you see a car that color, simply cross off the circle on the game page.

This is a great game to play with little ones instead of against each other. Help them with their colors while passing time away in the car.

Learning can be fun!

There aren’t really any variations to this one unless for a shorter trip, you just stick to finding the colors in one column.

White paper with navy blue trim and gray steel lettering at the top that reads 'Match the Car Color'; Two columns of 5 circles with different colors in them.

License Plate Road Trip Game

This is the granddaddy of road trip games.

Not only do you need to know how to read the state on the license plate, you also need to be able to see it. LOL. Sometimes that’s harder as you get older.

Cross off the state once you see it on a car’s license plate.

Popular places for finding several different states are at rest areas, gas stations, and fast food places at a highway exit.

The license plate road trip game is probably the longest game. Mostly, it will be impossible to complete all 50. Unless, of course, you are traveling across the country.

Try these variations:

  • Find the states in just one column
  • Pick a letter of the alphabet and find the states just for that specific letter
  • Set a time limit and see who found the most
White paper with navy trim and gray steel letting at top reading "Find the License Plate'; All 50 state names listed in 3 columns in red, blue or black ink.

Spot the Car

When I was growing up, there were a lot of Buick’s, Ford’s and Chevy cars on the road. Now, there is a greater selection than ever.

Two popular car models from the major car manufacturers are listed on this game page.

Find as many as you can and cross them off the list.

Don’t forget the bonus entries!

For a shorter game, each participant finds only one of the two listed models for each manufacturer.

White paper with navy trim and gray steel lettering at top reading 'Spot the Car'; Two columns of car make and models listed in red, blue or black ink.

Okay, are these printable road trip games something that will entertain your family?

Print off as many copies as you need each time you take a road trip. Hopefully, they cut down on the ‘Are we there yet?’ questions and provide some fun family time in the car.

Note: please don’t have the driver be distracted with these games!

Check out some of the family road trips we’ve taken the past several months:

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