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Tired of your kids being glued to a computer? Get them outside exploring with these entertaining activities!

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Are You?

  • Wanting your child to put down devices and get outside more?
  • Frazzled thinking of how to show your child the outdoors can be fun?
  • Hoping your child will be more engaged in other things besides electronics?

Plan a nature hike and get your kids involved!

  •  Show them being outdoors is fun.
  •  Teach them about their natural surroundings.
  • Make them want to be outside more often.

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Entertaining Nature Games


Here’s your key to fun:

  • 8  Nature Scavenger Hunts, including an all-encompassing ABC hunt
  • 5 Word Search puzzles for car ride entertainment
  • 2 Crossword puzzles to test their knowledge
  • 1 About-your-day writing page so they can put their thoughts on paper.

All in a 17-page downloadable PDF (digital only, no hardcopy will be sent to you).

About Christine..

Christine, both a wife and mother, owns and writes at the family travel blog, Treasured Family Travels. She is a Disney fanatic, travels the world using points and miles, and loves breathing in fresh air from mountain escapes.