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‘Ohana Character Breakfast – Is this the Best Disney Character Breakfast?

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The plane tickets are booked, you used the crowd calendar to determine which days are better spent at each park and now it’s time to make those Disney character dining reservations.

If you are looking for a fun, high-energy, family-style breakfast, look no further than the ‘Ohana character breakfast.

‘Ohana Character Breakfast Location

‘Ohana is in the exotic Disney Polynesian Village Resort within Walt Disney World. It is on the second floor – same as the monorail station. If you are lucky enough to get a window seat, you will be rewarded with a Seven Seas lagoon view and also the hotel’s new over the water villas.

Ohana Character Breakfast Polynesian Resort Lobby
Polynesian Resort Lobby

Ohana Character Breakfast Polynesian Ohana sign

Getting here

Disney’s Polynesian Resort is easily accessible whether you are staying on Disney property or not. Since it is on the monorail loop around the lagoon, you can access it from the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC), The Magic Kingdom, or one of the other hotels on the monorail.

If you are only going to breakfast at ‘Ohana and driving from an off-property resort, you do NOT have to pay for parking.

Tell the parking attendant you are here for a character breakfast. I usually take a printed copy of my reservation, but in recent years they check your name from a list. Disney allows you 3 hours of free parking.

We do this breakfast on a non-park day. Since we are usually here at some holiday (most likely in November or December), we use our 3 free parking hours to also take the monorail around and view the other hotels Christmas decorations – by far the Grand Floridian’s décor is amazing. You need to check out the life-size gingerbread house – it’s actually a store selling gingerbread! YUM!

Characters at ‘Ohana Breakfast

The full name of the character meal is ‘Ohanas Best Friends Breakfast Featuring Lilo and Stitch.


While Lilo and Stitch are the main attraction here, Mickey and Pluto round out the remaining ‘Ohana Breakfast Characters.

Sometime during your breakfast, there is a dance party with Mickey leading the procession. Kids get maracas and everyone (ok, mostly kids, but when my daughter was younger, I went too) parades around the room shaking them and dancing.

Ohana Character Breakfast Mickey with maracas
Dancing with Mickey

Everyone seems to enjoy this high-energy party. The kids feel special because they get to participate and have fun!

Lilo, Stitch and Mickey came around to each table for pictures and autographs (don’t forget that Sharpie on your Disney packing list – these are all fur characters and need something big to sign their names with).

Ohana Character Breakfast picture with Mickey
Mickey dressed in his luau best
Ohana Character Breakfast picture with Lilo
Lilo enjoying the party
Ohana Character Breakfast picture with Stitch
Stitch seems to receive the most attention

We met Pluto for pictures while we were waiting for our table. There was a dedicated line and a Disney photographer there. This is the first time it occurred this way for us. In the past, Pluto came to the table. I don’t know if it’s now always this way or we just experienced a one-off scenario.

Ohana Character Breakfast with Pluto
Posing with Pluto before breakfast

‘Ohana Character Breakfast Menu

‘Ohana Breakfast is served family-style. Food is brought to your table instead of you having to get it from a buffet. While I enjoy this breakfast much more than a buffet, this limits your selection so you really need to want to eat the items they bring. And yes, there are seconds (and thirds) if your table needs more.

Start off with coffee, tea, juice and their infamous P.O.G. juice. It’s a combination of passion fruit, orange and guava juices. Can I say wonderful! Even my picky eater daughter loved it.

Ohana Character Breakfast POG juice
Keep the POG juice coming!
Ohana Character Breakfast pineapple roll
Nice and gooey pineapple coconut bread

Along with your beverage, their special pineapple-coconut bread is brought to the table. I am not a coconut fan (except in pina colada’s), but this bread is exceptional. It is moist and gooey and I need to stop myself from filling up on it.

A platter of fruit starts your breakfast. Ours consisted of red grapes, watermelon, pineapple and cantaloupe. Everything was ripe and fresh and we ended up finishing most of it.

The hot breakfast is served in a large skillet. Depending on how many are in your party, you could receive two or more skillets to your table.

Scrambled eggs, pork sausage, ham with a pineapple compote, fried potatoes and Mickey or Stitch waffles with syrup round out the platter. It should also come with warm biscuits, but ours didn’t, so we had to ask for them.

Ohana Character Breakfast fruit plate
Begin with a fruit plate
Ohana Character Breakfast skillet with food
Skillet at Ohana character breakfast
Ohana Character Breakfast Mickey waffle
The Mickey waffle

How to make an ‘Ohana character breakfast reservation

There are two great times to make your reservation. The first and best time to make it is 180 days ahead. If you are staying at a Disney resort, this is 180 days from when you check-in. Off-property guests can make reservations 180 days prior to the reservation.

‘Ohana breakfast reservations are in demand. It is a popular character breakfast because of its location on the monorail, plus the ability to see Lilo and Stitch together.

If you are able to, plan to make your reservation 180 days out. Log into your My Disney Experience account, click on Thing to Do, then scroll down to Make Reservation. You can filter just for character dining too. The website starts taking reservations at 7:00 am, 180 days ahead.

If you can’t plan this far out, your next bet is to look the week prior to wanting your reservation. Disney places a $10 hold on your credit card when you book your reservation and it is refundable up to 24-hours before. Therefore, as the day gets closer, more people are changing their schedules and locking plans into place.

Ohana character breakfast time and cost

Breakfast is usually served from 7:30 am-Noon. There are a couple of different strategies to take when deciding what time works best:

  • If you plan on going to the Magic Kingdom, reserving an early 7:30 am time should get you there for rope drop (assuming it’s a 9:00 am rope drop). I love rope drop, but realize it’s too early for some.
  • Would you like a break from rides? Get to the Magic Kingdom as early as possible, ride for a few hours, then hop on the monorail later in the morning for an 11:30 – 12:00 reservation. This will keep everyone full until dinner.
  • If this is a non-park day, make a mid-morning reservation and ride the monorail around the lake to enjoy the scenery and other resorts before continuing on with your day.

Price (as of February 2020):

Adults: $42
Child (ages 3 – 9): $27

If you are on the Disney Dining Plan, this is a one-credit meal.

Is the Ohana character breakfast one of Disney’s best character breakfasts?

Out of the 10 times we have been to Disney World, we have eaten at the ‘Ohana character breakfast 4 times. Everyone enjoys the food and the entertainment because it is fun, lively and easy to get to. It is definitely one of my family’s favorites and one we come back to time and again.

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What is your favorite Disney character meal? Have you been to the ‘Ohana breakfast? Please let me know in the comments!

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Ohana Character Breakfast lobby of Polynesian resort


  1. Great post, very detailed! My husband and I have been to Disney twice, pre-children. I’d like to take my two year old son and I am going to bookmark this post for when we eventually go. Thanks for all of the info!

    1. Thanks, Catherine! Hope you find it useful. Remember that kids under 3 go free to Disney! That includes both getting into the parks and eating at character meals 🙂

  2. This trip looks amazing! My daughter is two but my husband and I have been contemplating bringing her on a trip since she won’t really remember it when she is older. This post makes me want to go on a trip with her RIGHT NOW 🙂

    1. We have seen almost new-borns at Disney! Not kidding! You are correct in that a child may not remember it, but I think it’s stored somewhere in their brain and I like to think it helps shape their future. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. I remember going to Disney when I was in kindergarten and we went to a character breakfast. It’s definitely a memory that sticks out in my mind. I doubt my parents planned this far in advance though :)…different times then!

    1. Back when I was in grade school, I am not even sure they had character breakfasts! LOL. I know I never went to one. There was probably a 25-year gap from when I went as a child and then as a parent. Disney has done an incredible job of expanding, modernizing and marketing (of course, the ticket prices reflect that too).

    1. Thanks, Alison. Admittedly, my daughter was 2 when we first went. Stitch freaked her out so much she was screaming. Like good parents, we took her back when she was older. No screaming this time!

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