Rockbridge State Nature Preserve – Hocking Hills

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Looking for things to do in Logan, OH? Check out Rockbridge State Nature Preserve in Hocking Hills.

One of nine state parks in the Hocking Hills area, Rockbridge State Nature Reserve is a moderate hike well suited for families.

The rockbridge itself is the largest natural bridge in Ohio. It is 100ft. long and 10-20 feet wide. Don’t look down, though, because it’s 50 feet between you and solid ground.

Brown wooden sign with white text at the entrance to a forest with the words Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

Hiking to the Rockbridge

Start your hike at the parking lot. Suggest getting there early because the lot does fill up, although then people park along the roadway leading to the lot.

Don’t forget to bring water and apply sunscreen and bug spray before heading out on the trail.

The Rockbridge Hocking Hills trail is a 2.75-mile loop.

Wooden trail with forest on the left side and open greenery on the right side

Begin on a wooden walkway that takes you directly to the trail. This is about .4 miles long and is quite flat. The picture above was actually taken returning from the Rockbridge, so you’ll be walking the other way as you begin.

Once you reach the actual trail, notice there are a lot of tree roots to plant your feet on. This came in handy for us because it rained the previous day and the roots provided more secure footing.

Notice that you are going downhill. It always comes to my mind that when we walk down something, you need to walk up on the way back! Keep that in mind for the return trip!

Young girl walking on a path lined with tree roots through a forest

Eventually, the trail will split into two paths. Don’t worry what path you choose as they both lead to the Rockbridge itself.

We choose to go left because it seemed everyone else was choosing the straight path.

The path then leads you to a Danger sign reminding you to stay on the trail and the bridge itself will be in front of you to the left.

White wooden sign with red letters in Rockbridge State Nature Preserve that say Danger Stay on Designated Trails

Even though we were there about 9:30 am, there was a large group of people taking pictures on the ledge, so we waited about 5 minutes before we could cross it and take our own pictures.

Watch where you step and keep any young children nearby as you cross the bridge. Remember, it’s only 10-20 feet across and a long way down.

Faintly in the picture below you can see a waterfall coming down on the left side. It’s called Rockbridge Falls, but there wasn’t too much water when we were there.

Two large rocks forming an inverted V with water streaming down covered with green grass amid a forest

Bridge made from rock in the center of a green forest

Continue on the trail for approximately 5 minutes and you will find yourself at the Hocking River.

Signs are marked showing you how to return to the parking lot. This is the time that you must go back up!

Rockbridge State Nature Preserve is a moderate hike for people of all ages. We saw families with children as well as groups of adults hiking this trail. If you are in the Hocking Hills area, definitely give it a try.

Getting to Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

Rockbridge is easy to get to if you are anywhere near Hocking Hills. It’s directly off US 33 – no winding through back roads to get here.

However, it’s also easy to miss!

It’s not at an actual exit, but rather, there’s a sign indicating “Rockbridge State Nature Reserve – turn here.”

If you are heading north on US 33, look for the sign after you pass the exit for Lake Logan (US 180). It will be on your right.

If you are heading south on US 33 in Logan, look for the Chrysler Jeep dealership on your left and the Buffalo Lodging Company on your right. It will be soon after on your left.

Follow this road to the right, then left past the Hocking Hills Church of Christ and, at the end, you will find Rockbridge State Nature Preserve and the parking lot.

Other parks within Hocking Hills

If you enjoy hiking, being outdoors and camping (whether that’s in a tent or a cabin), there’s plenty of places to enjoy in Hocking Hills.

  • Old Mans Cave
  • Ash Cave
  • Cedar Falls
  • Conkles Hollow
  • Cantwell Cliffs
  • Rock House
  • Clear Creek Metro Parks
  • Tar Hollow
  • Lake Hope
  • Lake Logan
  • Hocking Hills State Forests

Wooden deck with brown railings and a rocking chair looking into the green forest

Rent a cabin and enjoy some downtime along with nature around you.

So far, I have only been to Rockbridge State Nature Preserve. Have you been to any of the others above? If yes, I would love to hear your thoughts on what hike we should do next time we are in Hocking Hills. Please let me know in the comments! Thanks.

Girl on a hiking path in a forest

Girl walking on a wooden path in a forest of tall green trees and plants

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  1. Conkles Hollow, Rock House and Old man’s cave are amazing.

    1. Christine Zelina says:

      Old Man’s Cave was my favorite, by far! Hope to do Conkles Hollow and Cedar Falls soon. Thanks for reading!