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These Disney World Mistakes Could Ruin Your Trip

Want to know how busy Disney World will be? Interested in knowing which park is better to visit on a particular day?

Mistake 1: Not checking the crowd calendars before you go!

Disney is expensive; everyone knows that. Lessen the price by bringing in food to Disney World as well as drinks (no glass containers).

Mistake 2: Buying all your snacks at the parks

If you plan to go out to a nice Disney restaurant or one that features Disney characters, you need to make an advance reservation.

Mistake 3: Not reserving ADR’s

It’s not so much missing the Welcome Parade or seeing the cast members drop the ropes as it is missing out on the least crowded time at the park.

Mistake 4: Missing rope drop

Disney does parades well. Kids love getting to see their favorite characters and enjoy their favorite Disney songs.

Mistake 5: Finding a seat for the parade at the last minute