What to Wear to Disney World in October: Essentials

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Are you headed to Disney during the fall?

Lucky you – October is one of my favorite months to go. Enjoy all the Halloween decorations and activities you’ll spot around the theme and water parks. But, are you wondering what to wear to Disney World in October?

Though you can still expect lots of Florida sunshine during a Walt Disney World vacation, Disney World outfits for adults and kids need to take into account the fact that temperatures are hot, but a little cooler than in summer. It’s also approaching the end of the hurricane season, so you can expect rainy and stormy weather too.

Key Takeaways:

  • My biggest piece of advice is to look at the Orlando weather forecast before your trip. Prepare for hot, humid weather, plus storms.
  • Pack rain ponchos and a second pair of shoes (I know this from experience!).
  • Adults are NOT allowed to wear costumes except for the special-ticketed Halloween Party.
Large orange Halloween wreath with an orange Mickey Mouse head in the center

Disney costumes in October

Another factor to be aware of is that Halloween is big news at Disney, and the celebrations include Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party which takes place throughout October, as well as the preceding months of August and September.

When planning your packing list, though, you need to bear in mind that dressing for Disney World is subject to the park’s costume rules. There are also special rules in place for certain events – including the Disney After Hours Boo Bash in Disneyland.

Matching Disney family t-shirts
Disney Halloween family t-shirts

If you’re wondering what to wear to Disney in October, don’t despair! This guide is here to help. As a family, we’ve traveled to the Disney World Resort multiple times and are familiar with the October weather in addition to all the rules, regulations and norms.

Read on so you can plan your trip – including what to wear to Walt Disney World in October. This is the complete guide to how to dress for Disney during the first half of the fall.

Wearing Halloween clothes and Minnie ears at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom decorated with large orange pumpkins

Quick reference what to wear to Disney in October

October weather at Disney World

  • Average low: 68°F (20°C)
  • Average high: 85°F (29°C)
  • Average days of rain: 5 days

What to wear at Disney World in October at-a-glance

Orlando temperature in October

As outlined in the introduction, October temperatures at Disney do drop a little during the month in comparison to June, July, August and September. They are similar to the temperatures you can expect in late April and early May, with average highs of 85°F and lows of 68°F.

If you’re headed to Orlando do remember that Florida is the Sunshine State, and even outside the summer months, the high temperatures may be way in excess of what you’re used to at home. Partly, what to wear at Disney in October depends on whether or not you’re familiar with hot and humid conditions.

You may also want to add some Halloween-themed clothing or accessories to your list of Disney World clothes to wear in the fall. Below you can find a more detailed breakdown of how to dress in Disney World, broken down by the type of garment with links to our recommended products.

Packing list for what to wear to Disney in October


Short sleeve t-shirts or tank tops are ideal clothes to wear at Disney World in October. The weather is still warm to hot, so you don’t want to feel sweaty or suffocated by wearing long sleeves in the middle of the day.

You might like to look out for Halloween-themed tops before you pack for the Disney park, as the build-up to October 31st is a big one!


Packing pairs of shorts and longer, zip-off pants is ideal for visiting Disney theme parks during October. Convertible pants with zip-off leg sections such as those made by Columbia are perfect, as you can wear them as long pants or shorts.

Any kind of shorts – such as hiking shorts – are good, but make sure they’re comfortable enough for all-day wear. You may want to wear Disney shorts, as many people do.


For women who want to look smarter in the evenings or girls who want to emulate their favorite Disney princess, dresses are ideal to add to your list of what to wear in Disney World in October.

I love Toad & Co dresses, which look and feel great and are also perfect for traveling. Girls aged 13 or under can wear Disney costumes if they want to.

Extra layer

Taking an additional layer is a good idea, in case the temperature dips. It can feel chilly during windy weather, which is still a strong possibility during October. And in the evenings or early mornings too. As well as a rainproof layer, a zip-up hoodie or sweatshirt is great to take along.


The best choice is a rain poncho, and you can buy these as disposable or reusable garments. A waterproof jacket may be a little too warm during October, though a lightweight packable rain jacket should be okay, especially later in the month.



Flip flops are not ideal for wearing at Disney parks, as you’ll need to do a lot of walking and waiting in line. They could also fall off when you’re on a ride. You could pack a lightweight pair to wear at the hotel or during the evenings, though.

A comfortable pair of sandals, tennis shoes or sneakers is the best bet, and we recommend taking a couple of options each: it’s better for your feet, they may get wet and the temperature will vary. Hiking sandals for kids and grown-ups are good, as they’re made for all that walking, though you may not be able to resist packing a cute Disney pair too!


Sun protection

It may be fall, but that Florida sun can still be very strong! So don’t forget to add sunglasses and a sun hat or baseball cap to the kids’ and adults’ packing lists. Disney-themed ones are of course optional.

Young girl in black hat with pink Minnie Mouse ears wearing a red scarf standing in front of yellow and red tulips
Wearing a cooling towel, sunglasses and a hat!


If you want to, you can take Disney-themed everything really, from underwear to your bathing suit. Don’t forget to take socks and nightwear too, and Disney jewelry and Minnie or Mickey ears also make great accessories – and for fabulous photo opportunities.

As it’s October, you may also like to pack Halloween shirts to wear to Disney World. Lots of people do, and it’s easy to find appropriate products online. Many of these are black with orange print and feature Halloween symbols – as well as popular characters, plus of course mouse ears or bows.

What to wear to Disney World in October – FAQs

What should you not wear at Disney World?

When packing for a Disney vacation, it’s good to know the company rules regarding what you can wear. Whether you’re going to Hollywood Studios or any other part of the park, the same rules apply. Here’s what you should not wear at Disney World.

  • Masks and costumes should not be worn EXCEPT FOR guests aged 13 or under AND during special events. So anyone can wear them for the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, for example. In addition, kids can wear costumes of their favorite Disney characters anytime.
  • Any garments (and tattoos) with obscene graphics or language.
  • Clothing that is extremely ripped or torn.
  • Garments that reveal excessive amounts of skin.
  • Clothing that reaches or trails on the floor.
  • Clothes with tie-strings (I just read about a woman being denied access because her shirt was tied – this is a safety precaution, so it does not get caught on any rides).
Cruella and young girl in Halloween costumes at Disney's Halloween Party

Is Disney World scary in October?

While any Disney park will feature a Halloween theme at this time of year, this is not designed to be frightening to young children! The fact that one of the main celebrations has been called ‘Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party’ is a testament to that.

Cinderella's castle lit up for Halloween at night

Is it busy at Disney World in October?

October is a pretty good time to visit Disney. The weather has cooled down after summer, though there is some risk of storms in Florida. During weekdays the park can also be quieter than in summer, sure, though due to Halloween events, it can still be busy. Especially at weekends.

Is it warm enough to swim in Orlando in October?

With only 5 rainy days expected and an average high temperature of up to 85°F, October is for most people a great time to swim at Disney World in Orlando. The pool water is often heated and is refreshing when there are high levels of humidity. So do pack that swimsuit – you’re likely to need it!

Disney World in October – Travel tips

Having been to the parks so many times, we have a whole post on the mistakes not to make at Disney World. Just for convenience, though, here are our five top tips for making the most of your vacation.

Consider Genie + for a couple of parks

Before you go, get planning. An essential part of our trip plans always involves using Genie Plus at Disney World if you can afford the extra expense. Currently, it is only available on the day of your visit (starting at midnight). Cost varies by park and date, usually ranging from $15-40 per person.

I would suggest it for both Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios (only if your party wants to ride the Star Wars rides, Tower of Terror and Aerosmith’s Rock-n-Roll Rollercoaster).


Make an early start

We cannot stress this enough. If you want to beat the crowds – and the heat when the mercury climbs toward 85°F – always make an early start. Get there for rope drop if you can, so you might even be first in line for your favorite ride or attraction.

However, special event parties, such as Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, only take place at night. If you purchased a ticket for this, you will not be allowed to enter until a designated time (unless of course, you also have a daytime ticket).

Halloween is best observed at night – perfect castle and nighttime parade sightings!

Halloween nighttime parade at The Magic Kingdom

Pace yourselves

The excitement, noise, color, and hot Florida sun will take their toll on every member of the family. Schedule rest breaks. Make time to relax at your resort and in your hotel room and don’t try to cram too much in. The whole point is to enjoy your stay!

Bring your own food and water

Bring your own food and drinks to Disney World- there are limited good deals to be had once you’re in the park. Eating your own picnic is one of the few free things to do at Disney and doing so can save you a lot of money. It also makes a welcome break from waiting in line and walking around.


Do what you want to do first

Whether it’s new rides, the Animal Kingdom, water rides or meeting favorite characters… if there are things to do during your Disney trip that are musts, then do plan to do these first.

Don’t be afraid to ask your travel agent or cast members about how busy each attraction is to help you plan. The last thing you want is long lines meaning that your personal preferences are set aside once you finally reach this magical place.

Disney World in October – Special events

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a Halloween-themed party taking place during the evening at The Magic Kingdom. Guests can expect to see fiendishly-dressed versions of their favorite characters and enjoy sweet treats that are only available during the party.

There are lots of themed decorations, costumes, face masks and even food to fawn over. In addition, you benefit from shorter waiting times at some attractions. Kids can also go trick or treating through the park.

Epcot’s International Food & Wine Festival

One of Epcot’s famous festivals is happening this time of year – the International Food & Wine Festival. Pick up a festival passport and then stroll through the park stopping at one of the 25 specialty food and drink stations.

Other special events

For more events that may coincide with your visit, check out the Disney World Special Events page. From VIP tours to a 50th-anniversary celebration, there’s something for every member of the family.

What to wear to Disney in October summary

If you were wondering what should you wear to Disney World in October – including whether you need to take a light jacket and if people really dress up for Halloween, we hope this post has answered your questions.

The October celebrations are among the best things at Disney World to experience. Plus, enjoy cooler weather and fewer queues, too, during fall. What’s not to love?

If you’re considering Disney at another time of year, don’t miss our complete post on packing for Disney. There is also a dedicated article on what to wear to Disney in July.

Cinderella's castle at The Magic Kingdom lit up in an eerie blue at Halloween

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