FAQs about Treasured Family Travels

Want to know more about Treasured Family Travels? Dive right into these questions and answers. If you need more information, please contact me!

Behind the Blog

What inspired ‘Treasured Family Travels’ and its focus on Disney World?

Truthfully, Treasured Family Travels started with me writing about all our adventures. I’m a miles and point enthusiast, so we travel all over the world. However, I found I am most passionate about Disney.

Would you believe I even collected Disney princess books before I was married and had any kids? I’m that much of a Disney nerd!

I love going there, I love the research, and I love talking to people about Disney. This led me to concentrate on just writing about Disney World (it’s a 2 hour flight from my home in Cleveland). But, I now have been to Disneyland Paris three times, so I hope to add content around that Disneyland as well.

How do you choose what to feature on your blog?

I write about what people need to know for a Disney World vacation. One of the first things people ask is, ‘Where to Stay?’. So, I have an entire section devoted to either staying at a Disney World resort or at an offsite hotel.

The most common question I get revolves around using Genie Plus at Disney World. This is why I have so many posts related to how to use Genie Plus at all the different parks, plus how to buy it, when to use it, and what to know about it.

Next, is the rides. Everyone wants to know what rides are the best right? This is especially true depending on who you are travelling with. If this is a family with babies or toddlers, your day is going to look quite different than going with others that are older than 10 and can experience the most intense attractions.

What makes your Disney World content unique compared to other travel blogs?

As I mentioned above, I live in Cleveland. Therefore, I need to travel to Orlando just like most people do. Plus, I need somewhere to stay. This gives me a unique advantage because I am not a Disney blogger that lives next door and can just go there anytime.

Yes, I do have a Disney World annual pass, but I pay for hotels and sometimes transportation just like the average family. This gives me insight into the pros and cons of staying onsite vs offsite, how it affects planning your stay and your budget.

How often do you update your content to reflect new changes at Disney World?

Disney World is always evolving, and so is my content. I update regularly to ensure you have the latest info.

Plus, as big changes happen (such as a new ride or changes to Genie Plus), it gives me a reason to visit Orlando again and make use of my annual pass!

Can readers contribute ideas or request specific content?

Absolutely! Your ideas and requests inspire me. Feel free to drop a suggestion anytime. I personally read through all comments given and respond to emails through my contact page.

Who writes your content?

I (Christine Zelina) personally write all of my content, unless I mention it is a guest post.

How can businesses or destinations collaborate with you?

I love exploring new collaboration opportunities. Reach out, and let’s chat!

Content Creation and Authenticity

How do you ensure the accuracy of your travel information?

I cross-reference with official sources and use my personal experiences to ensure you get the real deal.

How do you balance detailed information with an engaging, conversational tone?

I mix in personal anecdotes and fun facts to keep my articles informative yet relatable. Plus, I write as if I am talking to a friend. I want the reader to really feel my passion for Disney World and get excited as well.

How do you stay updated with the latest trends at Disney World?

I’m always researching, attending travel events, and, of course, traveling! Following Disney Parks’ Facebook page as well as the Disney World annual pass holders Facebook Page and the corresponding Instagram accounts give me a heads up on what’s coming as well. I’m also excited to attend next years D23 conference (that’s the official Disney Fan Club… lol…yes, they have one!).

Reader Engagement and Services

What tips do you have for first-time visitors to your blog?

Start with the most helpful resources that are listed in the three large blocks on my homepage. This includes information about the Disney World theme parks, where to stay at Disney World, and how to use Disney’s Genie Plus.

If you are in the planning stage of your trip and have too many questions, check out my ebook on Planning your Best Disney World Vacation ever. It’s a goldmine of knowledge and tips for first time visitors that don’t even know where to start.

How can readers use your website to plan their own trips?

Use our detailed articles about Disney Resorts or offsite hotels near Disney World to find somewhere to stay. Then, begin with knowing the mistakes that first timers should not make at Disney World.

From there, investigate the fastest rides at Disney World or the best rides for toddlers at Magic Kingdom. It all depends on who you are travelling with.

As I mentioned, knowing how to use Genie Plus is a must-have if you plan on using this service. Check out the entire Genie Plus section to get a good grip on this.

Do you offer personalized travel advice or itinerary planning services?

At this time, I do not offer personalized planning services. However, if you have a specific question, feel free to leave a comment and I will respond.

Do you have a newsletter?

Of course! I have several ways to get on my newsletter, but the most popular one is through my Disney World Genie Tips. Sign up there and receive a list of all rides that use Genie Plus, in addition to my personal 15 tips for deciding if it’s worth it.

What’s the best way for readers to stay updated with your latest posts?

Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss an adventure! Plus, I give away free stuff every now and then.

Or, if you still have the Feedly app like I do, search for Treasured Family Travels and add it to your feed!

How can readers support ‘Treasured Family Travels’?

Read, share, engage! Every comment, share, and like helps us grow our travel-loving community.

Collaborations and Transparency

Do you collaborate with other travel bloggers or companies?

I love collaborating! It brings diverse perspectives and new insights to ‘Treasured Family Travels’.

What’s your policy on sponsored content?

I clearly label sponsored content so readers know if it is something I have paid for by myself or not.

How do I advertise on your site?

Treasured Family Travels only works with Mediavine for advertising. They are a premier advertising management company.

Personal Insights

What’s your favorite part about blogging about Disney World?

Every post is a trip down memory lane. I relive the magic and hope to spark it in you too! Plus, I always come up with MORE things I want to do or see in the parks on my next visit.