Activities for Kids at California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

Think Disney’s California Adventure Food & Wine Festival is just for adults? Think again! It wouldn’t be in the true Disney spirit not to include the little ones, so bring the whole family along for this magical adventure. Here are some activities for kids at California Adventure Food & Wine Festival in Disneyland.

Between shows, activities, and food, your kids will definitely be entertained. Pick one or all of the following and see your kids have fun just as much as you will. Remember to check the entertainment schedule (select all events and shows) to see what days and times all activities are offered.

The Festival is included in your park admission to Disney’s California Adventure and runs from February 28th, 2020 – April 21st, 2020. However, there are some special events that have an extra charge, in addition to the food items you purchase. All of the below kid’s activities are free of charge.

Foreground with California Adventure Food & Wine festival pass with white coupon tabs against a background of pictures of food in frames and dark pink flowers

I did attend the Festival as a media event which included a Sip and Savor Pass to sample some of the food. However, I paid for my own park admission, transportation, and lodging. All opinions are my own. This was my first time attending the California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.

Kid-friendly activities at California Adventure Food & Wine

Jammin’ Chefs

Watch everyone’s favorite chipmunks as they cook up some dancing music to get your feet stomping and hands clapping.

Chip ‘n Dale, along with several performers dressed in chef costumes, use everyday kitchen gadgets along with pots and pans to create an entertaining rhythm that gets everyone excited about the California Food & Wine Festival.

Disney's Chip and Dale and performers at the Jammin' Chefs celebration

In addition, they call up 8 children from the audience to help them make some music. The children are given boards which effectively act as drums and are told when to bang on them for an act that gets everyone watching involved.

Highly entertaining and fun – this really is a must-see for the littlest of kids.

Find the Jammin’ Chefs diagonally from the entrance to The Little Mermaid – Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, close to the coffee cart. Remember to check your daily schedule for exact times.

Pretend Jammin' Chefs percussion band with Disney's Chip in a white apron and chefs hat dancing to the music created by a chef banging on kitchen instruments

Jr Chef with Chef Goofy

This has to be my favorite kid activity at the Food & Wine Festival.

Children ages 3-11 work with Chef Goofy onstage to bake a batch of cookies. They were having so much fun!

Eight tables are set up with about 6-7 spots at each table for the kids. If your child wants to participate, you need to register them. Get to the event about 30-45 minutes early to secure your spot.

Upon registering, children remain in groups with a cast member that will stay with them the remainder of the show.

Chef Goofy, along with Chef Lily, guides the children into making oatmeal cookies (using almond flour!). The tables have red and blue mixing bowls along with all ingredients premeasured.

Lady in white chef uniform standing in front of a podium that says 'Jr Chef' and Chef Goofy standing next to her

Each child takes a turn mixing in one ingredient before stirring it all together. Then, a spoonful of cookie dough from each table is dropped onto a cookie sheet.

Since each child has a Disney chef hat on with their names, Chef Lily talks to them and really makes them feel part of the show.

Once inside the magical oven, some Disney magic takes over and bakes the dough into a large Mickey Mouse head cookie.

Lady in chef uniform, woman in red shirt and blue apron holding a baked Mickey head cookie with Goofy dressed in chef attire next to her

In the end, each child is each given a wrapped cookie to take with them.

Jr Chef is adorable! It is perfect for small children to work with Chef Goofy and be a part of the show. I can’t recommend this activity enough. Definitely check the schedule to see when this is offered.

Find Jr Chef in the Hollywood Studios backlot.

Craft activities and pictures with Chef Goofy

Right next to Jr Chef with Goofy are several tables where kids can color and put stickers on their own chef hat. It’s a great way to take a small break and sit for a while.

In addition, there is a placemat with several games such as Tic-Tack-Tomato, Unscrambled Eggs and a Corn Maize that can be colored, too.

Piece of white paper with black text containing different kids games to play

Don’t forget to get your picture taken with Chef Goofy as well!

The above kid activities at California Adventure Food & Wine shouldn’t be missed if you have little ones. Disney did a great job bringing fun for the kids to this festival.

Now let’s check out some kid-friendly food!

Kid-friendly food at California Adventure Food & Wine

What would going to the Food & Wine festival be without trying the food?

I tasted specifically what I thought would be the most kid-friendly food and came up with a list of 4 delicious items. Of course, there are plenty more, but it depends on what your child likes. These items appeal to a broad range of children.

HINT: You can order food and beverage items from any booth, so look for the booth with the shortest ‘order’ line (there is a separate pick-up line). Order all your food items at once, then take your receipt to the pick-up line at each respective booth.

Pepperoni Pizza Egg Rolls

This is my number one choice for kid’s food at the California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.

Two deep fried egg rolls topped with parmesan cheese shavings with a red marinara sauce and a green pesto sauce all in a cardboard container

Pepperoni pizza rolls – it sounds simple, right?

But, these rolls are stuffed with a pepperoni and mozzarella cheese filling and garnished with Parmesan, parsley and red pepper flakes. It tasted just like a pizza!

Two dipping sauces – marinara and pesto – accompany the two egg rolls.

Truthfully, I thought I would only like the marinara with the rolls, but the pesto sauce was good too. Now, I can’t decide which one I like better.

Find the Pepperoni Pizza Egg Rolls at the California Craft Brews booth.

Impossible Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese

Trust me, your kids will never know it’s not ground beef! I definitely could not tell the difference.

Hand holding a cardboard container with cheesy macaroni noodles and a breadcrumb topping

Disney promised to add more plant-based items to its menu and chose Impossible Foods as a strategic partner.

The California Adventure Food & Wine Festival marks the debut of their alliance.

This cheesy mixture of macaroni noodles, Impossible meat, and a special sauce combine for a taste that’s sure to leave your kids asking for more.

Find this item at the Nuts About Cheese booth.

Mickey-shaped Caramel-Peanut Milk Chocolate Macaron

I had two – does that tell you enough how good this is?

This isn’t your ordinary, small, one-bite macaron. Because really, can’t they make them any bigger?

Large Mickey head shaped chocolate macaron cookie with peanuts on top drizzled with more chocolate icing

The Mickey macaron is 3-4 times the size of a normal macaroon and definitely thicker with heapings of chocolate filling. Actually, one Mickey ear is about the same size of a normal macaron

The cookie is chewy and moist and after biting into it, you get the surprising taste of caramel. Heavenly.

Stop by the Off The Cob booth to pick up one… or two…

House-made Watermelon Agua Fresca

You need something to drink after all that eating!

Check out the Watermelon Agua Fresca (non-alcoholic). Made with fresh watermelon, peaches, agave nectar, and fresh lime juice and garnished with a watermelon slice.

This is the perfect refreshment to quench your thirst on a hot day.

Kids will enjoy the sweet taste with all this fruit.

While you are at this booth, adults can try the Berry Mule (alcoholic). Vodka, strawberry, Simply Watermelon, house-made rhubarb juice, and ginger beer combine together for an adult-only beverage that’s sure to win over fans.

Two plastic cups being held containing a red drink with a watermelon spear inside

Find both of these at the One in a Melon booth.

Honorable mentions:

  • Smoked Bacon BBQ Beef on Rice (LA Style)
  • Petite Impossible Burger with Guac and Pepper jack cheese (Avocado Time)
  • Mini Chicken Chimis with Chimichurri (Off the Cob)
  • Impossible Meatball Submarine (Paradise Garden Grill)

Food and drink prices at California Food & Wine

Non-alcoholic drinks and food range anywhere from $5-8 per item. But, if you plan on trying out a lot of new things, the Sip and Savor pass may be for you.

Do the math to see if it works in your favor. It’s best used for items that are $8 each.

This pass gives you coupons for 8 items of your choice, not including anything alcoholic. Do not tear off the coupons until you are at the register and the cast member gives you the okay to rip it off.

Sip and Savor Pass cost:

  • $56 – general public
  • $51 – annual passholders (must show your card)

Purchase your pass at the following locations:

  • Elias & Co.
  • Festival Gifts
  • Festival Marketplaces
  • Kingswell Camera Shop
  • Rushin’ River Outfitters
  • Seaside Souvenirs
  • Sip and Savor Cart
  • Studio Store (Hollywood Land)

The Sip and Savor coupons may be redeemed individually or all at once (I did four at a time). Expiration date is the last day of the Festival, April 21st.

As you can see, this Festival is a family-friendly activity at Disneyland. Don’t be afraid to take the kids! Come out and enjoy the day, the park, the food, and all the kid-friendly activities at the California Adventure Food & Wine Festival.

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Any activities for kids at the California Adventure Food & Wine Festival that you prefer? Have you taken your children? Please let me know what your favorite food item is in the comments below.

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Top picture shows a ticket with white tabs on the sides in front of a sign for Disney's California Adventure Food & Wine with pictures of food in frames; bottom picture is two hands holding two cups of a red drink with watermelon spears in them.

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