Disney Cruise Lanyards: How to Choose, Use, and Enjoy!

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Ever wondered what the fuss is about Disney Cruise Lanyards?

Trust me, they’re not just a pretty accessory to dangle around your neck. These lanyards are your key to unlocking an even more magical voyage!

From choosing the perfect design to practical hacks you never knew you needed, this guide has got you covered. Ready to elevate your cruise experience? Keep reading

Disney Cruise ship docked

Do you need a lanyard for a Disney Cruise?

You don’t need one, but they definitely come in handy. Having a lanyard allows you to keep your Key to the World card, plus maybe some additional money in its pocket.

Since this card acts as a cabin key and credit card all in one, having a lanyard allows you to walk around the ship purse or bag free. One less thing to forget!

Speaking of forgetting, we hung our lanyards on the wall hooks in our cabin so we didn’t forget them.

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Does Disney give you a lanyard on a cruise?

If you have cruised with Disney before, yes, they provide lanyards. In fact, they give out different colored lanyards depending on your Castaway Club level.

If you have already taken a Disney Cruise, you are a Castaway Club member. This membership provides special benefits onboard your next cruise, such as providing you with a Disney Cruise Line lanyard.

Lanyard colors

  • Silver members (at least 1 cruise) – Silver lanyard
  • Gold members (at least 5 cruises) – Gold lanyard
  • Platinum members (at least 10 cruises) – Platinum lanyard
Two lanyards - one silver, one yellow- with the words Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club imprinted on them on top of a white background
Gold and silver Disney Cruise lanyards

Do I get a free lanyard on my first Disney Cruise?

Unfortunately, no. Only those who have sailed on a Disney Cruise receive free lanyards. However, there are many cute lanyards to purchase.

It’s less expensive to purchase one ahead of your cruise, although the cruise ship shops do carry them.

Amazon has a wide variety of lanyards, even ones themed for a Disney cruise.

My favorite is this blue and red lanyard with an anchor and helm, even though it’s not Disney related.

Looking for a Mickey and Minnie lanyard? Consider purchasing these:

If you are on a specialty themed Disney Cruise, such as Star Wars or Marvel, consider a lanyard specific to that such as these.

I also saw quite a few people (ok, just women) wear this cute Mickey-shaped neck pouch. Plus, there is an extra slot for another card or money and a zipper pouch for coins. It comes in several colors such as black, red, pink or light blue. This could serve double duty if you are headed to the parks in addition to a cruise.

Do kids need a lanyard on a Disney Cruise?

This may be a matter of preference, but we did not give our 8-year-old a lanyard. She was not going to be anywhere without us, so she didn’t need one.

Some parents definitely let their kids wander around by themselves. If that’s you, then yes, your child should have a lanyard so they can go back to the room.

Little K couldn’t believe parents at the dining table next to us let their 3-year-old go to the restroom by himself at dinner. I guess I’m just overprotective.

Hopefully, that answered all your Disney lanyard questions. But, if it didn’t, please ask any in the comments below.

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Two lanyards - one silver, one yellow- with the words Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club imprinted on them on top of a white background

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  1. I’m surprised Disney doesn’t give a lanyard for the first cruise anymore. My wife and I took our first cruise in 2007 aboard the Wonder. We received two black and red lanyards similar to what the Platinum lanyards look like, but no platinum color.

    1. Christine says:

      I wish they did, I mean really, it’s probably like 25 cents in bulk?

  2. Do the Key to the World cards have a slot/hole where they can be attached directly to the lanyard, or do I need a lanyard style that has an ID holder pouch? Thanks!

    1. Christine Zelina says:

      Hi Amy – My last Key to the World card from Nov 2018 did NOT have a punched slot, so you needed a lanyard with an ID holder. Have fun on your cruise!