13 Fun Things to Do at Disney Springs with Kids

While Disney Springs offers a lot of shopping, especially since its multi-year renovation, there is plenty of fun for kids, too.

Check out these great ideas for things to do in Disney Springs with kids.

Disney Springs with Kids – Don’t Miss Experiences

1. Check out the candy stores

Both the Candy Cauldron and Goofy’s Candy Co. should keep the kids entertained for a bit.

While the Candy Cauldron has a menu serving items such as caramel apples, marshmallow wands, and chocolate-dipped pineapple, Goofy’s Candy Co. is more your typical candy store where kids can bag their own and pay by the pound.

Menu with Black text on yellow and orange background with brightly colored candy lollipops in front
Candy Cauldron menu
Four shelves of decorated Disney caramel apples

2. Pin trading

There’s a store dedicated to pin trading! Even though you can trade with cast members, there are also plenty of pins to purchase if you desire. We purchased a lanyard and a starter supply of Disney pins from Amazon before our trip.

Little K loves taking them to Disney and asking people to trade. Obviously, she is only in it to find pins she likes better than the ones she has. She isn’t into it to find rare trades, but it does keep her entertained.

Rows of trading pins against a wall in Disney Springs
PIck your pins

3. Ride the Carousel

Who doesn’t love a ride on a merry-go-round? There are 16 beautiful hand-crafted horses along with two ornate carriages plus a spinning teacup. The cost is $3 per ride. Children under 42” are required to be supervised by an adult, but the adult does not have to pay. How cool is that!

Small merry-go-round with people riding it behind a green steel fence
Take a spin with the kids on the carousel

4. Shop at World of Disney

Please don’t lose your kids in here! This store goes on and on and on. Everywhere you look, there is more Disney stuff. If you are looking for anything in particular, they will have it here. On the other hand, there is so much going on in this store, I have gotten a headache because it is overwhelming. Go figure!

Large store with 3 mannequins in the front dressed in Disney gear next to a sign saying 2020
World of Disney – don’t get lost!

5. Shop and play at the Lego Store

Yet another large store, but much more manageable. Scope out your favorite Lego edition and see all they have to offer. Or, if your kids prefer, head outside and build something. Sit down at the hands-on play tables and let your imagination soar.


Plus, don’t forget to view the large Lego displays outside the store. Last time we were there, there was a loch ness creature in the lagoon, Cindarella near the World of Disney store, the Lego Friends girls sitting on a bench and a huge replica of Woody and Buzz from Toy Story.

Green and beige Loch ness creature made from Legos in the lagoon at Disney Springs in front of several brown and beige buildings
The Loch ness Lego
LIttle girl in black shirt standing next to a life sized Cindarella made from Legos.

6. Get chocolate at Ghiradelli

The famous San Francisco chocolate and ice cream maker has a presence here in Disney Springs. Stop in at the store for a free sample of one of their chocolate squares. Or, opt for the full ice cream experience in their café. These sundaes are big enough to split. Grab a couple of spoons and people watch.

Young girl leaning on a cardboard cutout of a large ice cream sundae in front of the words 'Ghiradelli' in lights
Enjoying a break with Ghiradelli ice cream

7. Have lunch at The Rainforest Café

Not sure why Little K always wants to go here rather than T-Rex. It could be all the animals inside the restaurant or the volcano that erupts every so often. The line is always long, so put your name on the waiting list as soon as you know you want to eat here.

Large brown rock with a waterfall and steam on the left side; words at the top in red say Rainforest Cafe
Great place to grab lunch with the kids

8. Bowl at Splitsville Lanes

Who doesn’t love a fun game of bowling? This is especially good for those rainy or cold (yes, it can get cold in Orlando during the winter) days when no one wants to be outdoors long. Splitsville is an upscale family-friendly place offering retro bowling, billiards, and food. Did you know that more Americans bowl more than any other sport?

Glass building with white trim and red and black lettering that says Splitsville Luxury Lanes
Try a fun night of bowling with the kids

9. Build a light-saber

Enter the Star Wars Trading Post store and build your own lightsaber. Choose different colors and extensions. Yes – you can take them on airplanes! In fact, I saw two boys carrying them as we boarded to leave Orlando. Apparently, the TSA doesn’t classify them as illegal objects. You can pack them in your carry-on or your checked luggage.

Young girl posing with a long dark blue plastic sword meant to be a lightsaber
May the force be with you

10. Collect stickers

Admittedly, we did this for MANY years when Little K was between 3 and 7. Just look for the small Disney Vacation Club booths. The cast members have rolls of stickers to hand out. Just tell your son or daughter to go up to them and ask for a sticker. Often, they hand out at least 5 stickers per asking, sometimes quite a bit more. At one point, we had quite the collection. They were in every suitcase and carry-on.

Did you know that if you sign up for a tour you can score 3 free Fastpasses – each?

Cream and gold storefront with the words Disney vacation club on top
Ask here for free stickers

11. Play in the splash park

Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes if you (or your kids) get wet. No one wants to be walking around soaking wet. You know your kids will ask to do this if it’s hot outside. I resisted so many times, then finally gave in but only because I brought a change of clothes for Little K.

Young girl outside playing in a splash park where the water comes up from the concrete at timed interals
Playing in one of the splash areas

12. Take a train ride

Similar to the carousel, tickets for the Marketplace Train Express are $3 and require an adult (no ticket required) to ride with children under 42”. This train is geared for the youngest of kids like the kind you find inside a mall. However, this one just goes around in a couple of circles.

Red, green and yellow small train for little kids to ride on
All aboard!

13. Take a hot air balloon ride

Soar 400ft above ground (while tethered) in the largest hand-painted helium-filled balloon in the world. Enjoy this 8-minute experience and take in 360-degree views of Disney Springs. All ages are welcome and you only need to be 12 years old to ride without an adult. Price is $15 for those 3-9 while adults are $20.

Light blue, dark blue and orange hot air helium balloon that has a base for people to ride in
Ride this for a 360-degree view of Disney Springs

I’m sure you can find even more things to do with kids in Disney Springs once you are there. These were the highlights we thought of when we visited last week. To do a quick summary recap:

Kid activities in Disney Springs:

  • Check out the candy stores
  • Pin trading
  • Ride the carousel
  • Shop at World of Disney
  • Shop and play at the Lego Store
  • Get chocolate from Ghiradelli
  • Have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe
  • Bowl at Splitsville Lanes
  • Build a light-saber
  • Collect stickers
  • Play in the splash park
  • Take a train ride
  • Take a hot air balloon ride

Are there any items missing from this list of things to do in Disney Springs with kids? What is your favorite? Is there anything your child always asks to do (Little K loves The Lego Store)?

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Large light blue, dark blue and orange helium filled balloon tethered with ropes against a blue sky with white clouds
Large turquoise blue hot air balloon with white swirls on the lower half and dark blue and orange stripes in the center all under a black square overlay with white text reading 13 fun things at Disney Springs for kids

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      Thanks, Whitney! I hope you enjoy Disney Springs. I just wanted to let people know there are plenty of activities to keep kids entertained as well as adults. Thanks for reading!