The Most Beautiful State in the USA

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What constitutes the most beautiful state in the USA to you?

Is it snow-capped mountains? Red rock canyons? Endless beaches and golden sand?

We asked 18 travel bloggers to submit their answers to this elusive question. Below, find an array of answers regarding beautiful states in USA and see how they match up to your perception.

Plus, explore some states you may not have traveled to before! Instead of the most attractive states ranked in order of beauty, this list is alphabetical. It was just too hard to choose!

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So, if you are excited to travel, definitely make a note to add these to your best places to road trip in the US itinerary. Let’s go!

Most Beautiful State in the USA


Snow capped mountains under white clouds with a brown prairie in the foreground.

Alaska is undoubtedly one of the prettiest US states and certainly the wildest, full of amazing wildlife and breathtaking views. Importantly, Alaska is the largest in terms of area among the states of the United States and, at the same time, has the lowest population density. The population is only about 750 000 inhabitants. Half of Alaska’s residents live within the Anchorage metropolitan area. Therefore, making an Alaska Road Trip an unforgettable but also safe adventure requires careful preparation.

The best time of the year to visit Alaska is from June through mid-September. The weather is mild, and there is little rainfall. Late September winter starts. Of course, trips in winter and spring are possible, but they require preparation for severe frosts and plenty of snow. Part of the services and attractions are closed out of season, and some roads may be impassable.

The prettiest cities to visit in the state are for sure Homer and Seward at the Kenai Peninsula. Worth a visit is also Talkeetna which is a perfect base for exploring the Denali area. Fairbanks is great if you dream of seeing the Northern Lights. It is worth visiting Juneau as a base for Alaska cruises. The best place to start an Alaska trip is in Anchorage.

One of the best not-to-miss attractions of Alaska is seeing the highest mountain of North America – Denali, with a summit elevation of 20,310 feet (6,190 m) above sea level, in Denali National Park. It’s possible to take a flight tour over the mountains with a glacier landing. Hiking and camping in Denali National Park is also an amazing adventure, as the park is full of wildlife, like bears, dear, moose, and much more.

The glacier hike will also be a fabulous experience. The best and safest option is to take a guided tour, as it’s quite dangerous. You can explore amazing glaciers: Worthington Glacier In Valdez, Exit Glacier in Seward, or Matanuska Glacier north of Anchorage.

A great adventure will also be a cruise on the fjords in Kenai Fjords National Park or a fishing boat cruise and catching salmon or halibut. Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts should also visit Katmai National Park, where it is possible to observe bears hunting salmons at Brooks Falls.

Submitted by Agnes from The Alaska Itinerary


Large, red rock formation in Sedona, Arizona with a dirt path leading up to it with tumblew
eed and green trees on either side.

Arizona is definitely one of the prettiest states in the US. It has incredible landscapes that are recognized all over the world. Arizona has 24 National Park Service (NPS) sites, which include national parks, national monuments, national memorials, and national historic sites. This means there is a diverse amount of things to see and do.

The Grand Canyon is probably what Arizona is best known for. And it’s easy to see why! This natural wonder is awe-inspiring and gets almost six million visitors a year. Another must-see Arizona attraction is the Petrified Forest. Here, visitors will see one of the world’s largest concentrations of petrified wood as well as fossils and cliffs.

Arizona has some pretty amazing cities as well. If you’re looking for great hiking trails or spas, a girl’s weekend in Sedona is perfect. If you enjoy water sports, you should visit Lake Havasu; it’s a premier destination for boating, kayaking, water skiing, fishing, and swimming. Of course, Arizona’s capital is great too. Phoenix is a modern city with lots of museums, gardens, and unique restaurants.

Arizona can be enjoyed all year round. Most prefer to visit during the winter months when it isn’t quite as hot. This means dealing with bigger crowds and higher accommodation costs, though. To save some money, plan your trip between May and October. Do keep in mind, however, that late summer is monsoon season and that means afternoon showers and lightning storms.

Submitted by Vicky from Buddy The Traveling Monkey


The Golden Gate Bridge spanning the bay in San Francisco, California.

California is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful states in America thanks to its many gorgeous natural landscapes and vibrant cities. It is also home to some of the country’s most stunning beaches, making it an absolutely beautiful place to relax on vacation.

Some of the prettiest cities to visit in California include San Francisco, San Diego, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. While these cities are very popular, California is also home to some of the best hidden gems in the US, such as the pretty town of Solvang. This city is known for its unique Danish-style architecture and European vibes. In fact, it is dubbed the ‘Danish Capital of America’!

The best time to visit California is during September and October, when the crowds of the summer have mostly left, and when the weather is still pleasant enough to enjoy the state’s many beaches, such as Laguna Beach.

When visiting California, be sure to stop by some of its unmissable attractions, such as the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Yosemite National Park, Joshua Tree National Park, and Big Sur. 

If you’re visiting California with family, it’s also a great idea to stop by Disneyland in Los Angeles for a day. An hour’s drive from there is Universal Studios Hollywood, which is home to more picturesque attractions. There, you can also explore behind the scenes of some of the most famous films, such as War of the Worlds and Jaws.

California is beautiful and with so much to see and do, there is something for everyone.

Submitted by Jiayi from The Diary of a Nomad


Jagged red rocks among green bushes and trees in Roxborough State Park in Colorado.

Once thought of as a sleepy flyover state, the secret about Colorado seems to have officially gotten out. And it’s really no wonder why. For starters, the capital Denver is packed with photogenic and vibrant urban scenes. For some especially pretty parts of the city, be sure to check out the street art in the RiNo arts district, the tranquil Denver Botanic Gardens, and the soaring rock formations at the famous Red Rocks concert venue. 

Colorado is also home to many smaller photogenic mountain towns which make for tranquil retreats. Check out Granby, which is set on a postcard-perfect lake, or Telluride, whose charming streets are just minutes away from beautiful natural scenes like the incredible Bridal Falls. 

Colorado also sports uniquely beautiful sites like the ancient cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde or the rolling sand dunes of Great Sand Dunes National Park. And, of course, the star attraction in Colorado is the gorgeous Rocky Mountains – definitely some of the most beautiful mountains in the US. 

No matter the time of year, there is always somewhere pretty to find in the Rockies. In spring, witness the spectacular wildflower bloom at Roxborough State Park. In summer, enjoy crisp mountain air while hiking one of the state’s “14’ers” (mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation). If it’s fall, don’t miss the incredible golden aspen changing colors at locations around the state (Rocky Mountain National Park is a good one). And, of course, in winter enjoy the pretty mountain landscapes at ski destinations like Aspen, Vail, or Breckenridge. 

Whatever time you choose to visit Colorado, and wherever you choose to go, you’re soon to realize why it’s definitely one of the prettiest states in America and, maybe, just about the most beautiful state in the world! 

Submitted by Nate from Travel Lemming


Crocodile head peeking out of the dark water in Florida.

Florida is definitely on the list as the most beautiful state in the USA. Its beauty is diverse and versatile. You can enjoy dream-like beaches that look like they belong in the Caribbean but also incredible landscapes with mangrove forests and rivers.

One of the most beautiful spots in Florida is definitely the Everglades. This National Park is perfect for hiking, exploring and water sports. While a lot of tourists see the Everglades by Airboat, there are also other options. Airboats are very loud and can potentially disturb the local wildlife. A kayak is a much better option and there are lots of eco-friendly tours to choose from. Enjoy the beautiful National Park from a unique point of view and watch rare birds and maybe even alligators.

Of course, Florida also has large cities like Miami and Orlando. Come here for the nightlife, theme parks and lots of city-based activities.

Miami Beach is especially famous and a great spot to go for a swim. Use these Miami Instagram captions when you capture that perfect shot! Then, head to Little Havanna which is Miami’s Cuban neighborhood. There are lots of live music events and of course, authentic restaurants to choose from.

For a more relaxed experience drive down to Key West which marks the southernmost point of Florida. This chain of islands is stunningly beautiful with shallow waters and cute little towns. Go for a hike or try your hand at snorkeling or paddleboarding. You’ll also have to try the authentic Key Lime Pie which is a local specialty you’ll absolutely love.

Submitted by Victoria from Guide Your Travel


Dirt road lined with trees on both sides providing an overhang across the road in Georgia.

While the South is full of beautiful states, Georgia is definitely one of the most underrated. What may come to mind is lush greenery and humid summers. Georgia definitely has those things, but those aren’t the only things!

Georgia has a very unique and varied terrain with beaches to the southeast, lush farmland in the center, and beautiful forested mountains in the north. Not to mention, there are great cities including Atlanta with lavish gardens, museums, and street art, Savannah with historic buildings and many parks, and Helen, which is a Bavarian mountain town!

The best time to visit Georgia is in the spring or fall. The summers are very hot and humid and it rains often, while the winters are cold around freezing temperatures. It doesn’t snow in Georgia, but in the winter all the plant life goes dormant so it isn’t the most beautiful time to visit. Meanwhile, in the spring and fall, the temperatures are milder and the scenery comes alive.

There are so many things to do in Georgia, especially the cities, but some highlights include the Georgia Aquarium, which is rated number one in the country, and the Atlanta History Center with historic mansions and gardens.

Georgia also has some incredible state parks and historic sites. In the north, visit Amicalola State Park to see Amicalola Falls, a gorgeous cascading waterfall. Alternatively, near Savannah drive down the gorgeous tree-lined road at Wormsloe Historic Site. Lastly, head to the west for Providence Canyon State Park, which features Georgia’s own mini Grand Canyon.

Some other beautiful places to visit in Georgia are Tallulah Gorge with an awesome suspension bridge over rushing water, Okefenokee Swamp with unique wildlife, and Jekyll Island where you may recognize Driftwood Beach, which is famous due to the large skeletal driftwood trees that have washed ashore. Lastly, check out Cumberland Island where there are wild horses!

Submitted by Alanna from Periodic Adventures


Rugged, rocky green mountains against a dark blue sky with a palm tree and thatched hut in Hawaii.

Out of all the U.S., Hawaii is by far the prettiest state if you love tropical landscapes. And each island in Hawaii offers different scenery.

On Kauai, head to the Hanalei Valley for sweeping views of taro fields as well as the stunning Hanalei Bay, which has a dramatic mountain backdrop. If you continue past Hanalei, you can visit the Limahuli Garden that is like heaven on Earth.

Drive the Road to Hana on Maui to see hidden waterfalls and ocean-side cliffs. Or experience the sunrise from the top of Haleakala Crater (the drive up there is incredibly beautiful).

One of the most unique views in Hawaii is at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island. Here, you’ll see the aftermath of volcanic eruptions, which have their own sense of beauty. This is contrasted by the multitude of waterfalls and lush valleys located just an hour away.

The island of Oahu has the urban beauty of Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head. But it also has the majestic Kualoa Ranch, where you can see epic mountain and ocean views. And you’ll definitely want to stop at the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Gardens and the Byodo-In Temple, which are a few of the prettiest places on Oahu.

The best time to visit Hawaii is during its shoulder season, which runs from mid-April to June and September to mid-December. This is when you’ll find the best travel deals and avoid most of the crowds. Plus, the weather is mild and you can comfortably tour around. Whichever island you choose to visit, you will be in awe of the natural beauty in one of the most beautiful US states.

Submitted by Marcie from Hawaii Travel with Kids 


Rocky cliff on the edge of water with a tall, white lighthouse and and white building structure with brown roof.

The rocky coastlines, high peaks, and hundreds of offshore islands make Maine undeniably the most beautiful state in the USA. While you are sure to find beauty anywhere you go, two of the top places to visit are Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park for coastline views and the Appalachian Trail for nature and hiking. 

When visiting Maine, you will want to take a drive along the coast to take in the breathtaking views of the rocky shorelines, the many lighthouses lining the shores, and working harbors. If you begin in the Southern part of the state, be sure to visit Kennebunkport, Camden, or Rockport along the coast for that small-town New England charm. You will find working fishing harbors, colorful and historic streets, quaint shops, and plenty of beach access. 

Continue along the coast until you reach Acadia National Park, arguably the most beautiful destination in the state of Maine. Here you will find plenty of coastlines, crashing waves, wilderness, hiking trails, and the highest peak in the Eastern US, Cadillac Mountain. 

To take in some contrasting views of the state of Maine, be sure to go more inland and check out the many hikes located along the Appalachian Trail. The rocky coastline will be transformed into a lush wilderness, filled with various plant life species, wildlife, and stunning 360 views. 

The best times to visit Maine are summer and fall. The summer months will bring the warmer weather for visiting places such as Acadia National Park and hitting the beach. The fall months will bring unparalleled fall colors throughout Acadia National Park and the Appalachian Mountains that will leave you amazed. 

Submitted by Melissa from Navigation Junkie


Asphalt walking path in a downtown area in the winter with snow around its edges and in the grass.

With its snowy winters and no shortage of incredible sights to see, Massachusetts is for sure one of the most beautiful states in the US. The state is known for its abundance of things to see and do picturesque lighthouses, excellent beaches, and of course, its super-rich history – who has never heard of the Boston Tea Party?

Once you get there, there are several beautiful cities to visit, such as Salem, Cambridge, Plymouth, Wellesley, Cape Cod, Amherst, and naturally, Boston. In addition to those towns, you can also visit the island of Martha’s Vineyard, a charming island located less than 3 hours away from Boston.

The best time to travel to the state of Massachusetts is in either fall or spring. That is because the weather in New England tends to get a bit on the extreme side during summer and winter. The summers are very hot, with average temperatures of  90s Fahrenheit, while the winters are super cold, easily reaching  32 °F. Therefore, during fall and spring, the weather will be more adequate for walking and sightseeing around this gorgeous state.

Massachusetts has many not-to-miss attractions, but the most popular ones are by far walking along the Freedom Trail in Boston, spending a day at the sweet beaches in Cape Cod, watching a baseball game at Fenway Park, and even whale watching. Taking a day trip to Salem, the United States’ witchiest town, and seeing art at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum are other very exciting things to do in MA.

Submitted by Camila Neves from Travel Cami.


Rocky cliff at the edge of bluish-green water with lots of tall, green trees on top of the cliff.

With shorelines along four of the five Great Lakes, Michigan defies stereotypes of endless miles of cornfields in the Midwest (though there is plenty of farmland). Most of the western side of the Lower Peninsula is lined with sandy beaches perfect for swimming in the summer or watching sunsets light up the skies in the evening. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is the pinnacle of the west side with sand dunes towering hundreds of feet above the lake’s perfect turquoise waters. Just east of the lakeshore is the resort town of Traverse City, which is known for its beautiful views over the Grand Traverse Bay, local wineries, and farm-to-table food scene in its bustling downtown.

Heading further north, don’t miss Mackinac Island, a popular vacation spot located between Michigan’s two peninsulas. Motorized vehicles are banned on the island, and visitors and locals alike travel on foot, bike, or in horsedrawn carriages. The road encircling the island offers beautiful views of Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and the graceful, 5-mile long Mackinac Bridge, which connects the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. The island is known for its Victorian architecture as well as its delicious fudge.

On the Upper Peninsula’s northern shore, visit the small town of Munising to view the spectacular Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. For fifteen miles, cliffs as high as 200 feet above lake level line the shore, seemingly painted with stripes in the layers of sandstone and lines of mineral deposits left by spring water. You’ll also be able to see waterfalls that cascade right into the lake. A small portion of the park can be accessed via a scenic drive, but the best way to enjoy them is from the water. Boat tours depart from Munising regularly during the summer months and give you the chance to cover the most ground. Kayaking is another popular way to experience the lakeshore and provide a chance to get up close to the rock formations and caves.

Come visit Michigan and see if you think it’s one of the most beautiful states in USA.

Submitted by Kris from My Michigan Travel


Prairie grass with wildlife grazing in Oklahoma.

One of the prettiest states in the USA is Oklahoma. Oklahoma is perhaps one of the most underrated states in the USA, but you’ll be surprised at how much it has to offer. The best time to visit Oklahoma is between September and November.

A fun fact about Oklahoma is that it has over 400 miles of Route 66, which is more than any state. Also, Oklahoma is known for its friendly people and cattle. You can even watch a live auction at Stockyards City in Oklahoma City. Moreover, Oklahoma is rich in history and you can learn about cowboys, Native American history, and oil. Furthermore, Oklahoma has a gorgeous natural landscape with hills, lakes, and mountains. Lastly, Oklahoma is a foodie’s heaven. You’ll find delicious steak, burgers, chicken fried steak, fried okra, all kinds of international cuisine, and much more.

The prettiest towns and cities to visit in Oklahoma are Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Medicine Park, Guthrie, Broken Bow, Eufala, Pauls Valley, Ada, Sulphur, Grove, Davis, and Chandler.

One of the coolest attractions in Oklahoma is the Blue Whale of Catoosa. As its name implies, it’s a giant blue whale that has become one of the most noteworthy Route 66 attractions. Also, a visit to the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa is a must. It houses all kinds of work from Asia, Africa, and more.

You can also pay your respects at the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum and learn about the tragic bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Next, head over to Ponca City and explore Marland Estate Mansion. It was once a second home to an oilman and a previous state governor.

If you’re interested in learning more about cowboys, visit the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. If you’re a fan of Ree Drumming, AKA the Pioneer Woman, visit the Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Pawhuska.

Finally, an absolute must is the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge near Lawton. It stretches over 59,000 acres and you’ll see prairie dogs, deer, elk, bison, and buffalos. You can even have a picnic and do some hiking and fishing.

Submitted by Disha Smith from Disha Discovers


Tall waterfall cascading down a sheet of rocks into a small pool of water in the middle of a forest in Oregon.

Oregon is the most beautiful state in the USA that seemingly has it all – lush rainforests, stunning beaches and snow-capped mountains. If you’re looking for a more urban home base to take in some of Oregon’s beauty, Portland is, of course, an excellent jumping-off point. The city limits themselves are absolutely worth exploring, with sites like the Japanese Garden or the streets lined with colorful houses of the Mississippi neighborhood, but the neighboring outdoor space bordering Portland is where it really shines.

In a little over an hour’s drive, you can get to trailheads leading up to the towering Mount Hood, the tallest mountain in Oregon, or to the rushing waterfalls of the fecund Columbia River Gorge. For high desert vibes, check out Bend, Oregon- known for its 300 days of sunshine per year, the Deschutes River flowing through the town, and the jam-packed craft beer scene. Beyond just its awesome beer, Bend is a stone’s-throw away from some absolutely breathtaking landscapes- from the wooded, cozy oasis that is Umpqua Hot Springs to an iceberg-laden lake at the foot of a colorful volcano, called Broken Top.

If a day at the beach is more what you had in mind, Cannon Beach, along Oregon’s northern coast, has maintained its small, beach town charm, while offering some of the state’s most famous beaches, beloved for their picturesque sea stacks.

The best time to visit Oregon is in the summer and fall, when the skies are mostly clear, the hiking trails in the mountains are free from snow, and the beaches, while they rarely ever reach bathing suit weather, are at their least chilly.

Submitted by Jessica Schmit from Uprooted Traveler


Stately orange brick building with a clock and bell tower framed between two large trees in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is one of the most underrated, most beautiful states in the United States. From the rivers surrounding Pittsburgh to the rolling hills of Lancaster, Pennsylvania has so much to offer visitors. 

Visitors who love history can walk through America’s past in Philadelphia. From Independence Hall to Benjamin Franklin’s grave, you can pay tribute to the founding fathers while walking the cobblestone streets. Not too far of a drive from Philadelphia is George Washington’s encampment at Valley Forge National Park. Gettysburg is a wonderful glimpse of the times of the Civil War. Don’t miss the powerful Gettysburg battlefield, where thousands of Americans lost their lives during the war.  

For outdoor adventurers or nature enthusiasts, there are hundreds of miles of hiking trails throughout the state, including the Appalachian Trail. Explore the Delaware Water Gap or Pennsylvania’s own Grand Canyon (not as grand as Arizona’s, but still gorgeous). The Pocono Mountains are a paradise for skiers and snowboarders in the winter – and perfect for relaxing by the lakes in the summer. On the other side of the state, enjoy the beaches of Lake Erie. Aspiring stargazers shouldn’t miss Cherry Springs State Park, the darkest sky park east of the Mississippi. You can spot the Milky Way with your bare eyes throughout the year! 

While there is something special about every season in Pennsylvania, fall is truly a breathtaking time to visit. The fall colors are peak throughout September and October.

Submitted by Pamela from The Directionally Challenged Traveler


Bentonite Hills rock formations in Utah.

You can’t have a list of the prettiest states in the US without including Utah. With the Big 5 National Parks, unique landscapes unlike anywhere else, and both winter and summer outdoor sports, Utah is one of the most beautiful states in America.

If you are planning to visit Utah, plan your visit anytime but in summer if possible. In the winter, you have snow skiing in Park City as well as the Sundance Film Festival. If you are wanting to explore the national parks and do some hiking or a road trip, your best time to visit Utah is in the spring or fall when temperatures are not at their peak yet.

While central and northern Utah have Park City, Salt Lake City, and the salt flats, southern Utah really shows off with the national parks, state parks, and stunning landscapes. Make sure to spend a few days based out of Kanab and Moab to explore southern Utah.

From Kanab, you can easily access Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park. From there, spend a day visiting Capitol Reef, and don’t miss out on the unique otherworldly landscapes nearby like the Bentonite Hills. Then head over to Moab where you can explore Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, both located nearby. You can also take a day trip out to Goblin Valley State Park and rent a Jeep or off-road vehicle to try out some of the 4-wheel drive trails in the area.

Utah deserves a spot on every US bucket list, especially if you love the outdoors and nature.

Submitted by Christine from Live Love Run Travel


Double waterfalls flowing down rocks surrounded by forest in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.

There is so much natural beauty in Virginia that it would be hard not to rank this state (er, commonwealth) among the prettiest states in the United States. You’ll find pristine beaches, majestic mountains, stunning state and national parks, and roaring waterfalls. That’s not to mention scenic byways, like the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive, as well as more than 500 miles of the iconic Appalachian Trail. 

In summer, stroll the three-mile boardwalk, then explore the ViBe Creative District in Virginia Beach to see dozens of colorful murals. Off the beach, enjoy an easy-going hike at First Landing State Park, the most-visited state park in Virginia, which boasts a stunning stretch of shoreline and a freshwater cypress swamp. 

Fall brings vibrant bursts of fiery amber and golden yellow foliage across the state, and there’s no better place to take it all in than at Shenandoah National Park. Cruise along Skyline Drive, the 105-mile park road that runs the length of the park, for gram-worthy scenery. More than 75 overlooks implore park visitors to pause for dramatic views across the Shenandoah Valley. 

In winter, Virginia wows with four ski resorts, including Wintergreen Resort in Central Virginia. Take in the views of snow-covered mountains from the ski slopes or snow tubing lanes. Off the slopes, Wintergreen Resort has more than 30 miles of hiking trails, including a delightful wooded waterfall hike to Shamokin Falls.

Rounding out the seasons, Roanoke sparkles as a springtime destination. Tackle the Roanoke Star hike to the world’s largest man-made star that stands proud at 100 feet tall. The overlook boasts far-reaching views across the Roanoke Valley in Southwest Virginia. A drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, which skirts to the east of downtown, wows motorists in spring with colorful wildflowers and flowering shrubs, like mountain laurel and rhododendrons.

Submitted by Erin Gifford from Go Hike Virginia 


Gorgeous coastline of cliffs and grassy areas in Washington State under a bright blue sky.

Some states are known for their beautiful beaches. Some for spectacular mountain scenery. Others have lush rainforests and beautiful, woodsy campgrounds. Washington State is able to boast all of this and more!

Although Washington gets a bad rap for being one of the rainiest states, summertime is sunny and dry here. Visitors coming to vacation during tourist season may have to endure some crowds, but summertime in Washington State just can’t be beaten!

For mountain scenery, Mt. Rainier National Park is a beautiful place to visit. Mount St. Helens draws a lot of attention as does Mt. Baker near the Canadian border.

The Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula is a World Heritage Site and is one of the most well-preserved rain forests in the northern hemisphere. 

The ferry system in Washington is a treat in itself and visitors can often see harbor seals along the way. Bainbridge Island near Seattle and the San Juan Islands near Anacortes are great day trips to take using the ferry system. There you’ll find trendy shops and tasty restaurants to make your trip even more worthwhile.

There are over 150 miles of shoreline in the state and much of it is white and sandy. Washington has many beautiful beaches along the coast that are very popular vacation spots, especially during the summer.

Seattle has plenty to do to fill an itinerary so even if you venture no further than that, you’ll be in for scenic views in every direction. There are also many day trips not far from The Emerald City that are worth considering. 

Snoqualmie Falls in Snohomish is a popular attraction and over a million people visit this beautiful waterfall each year. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival has the most tulip fields in all of North America and is a huge attraction during the month of April.

North Cascades Highway offers a 75-mile scenic drive that many people claim is the most beautiful drive in the entire state. You can stop at Diablo Dam for an Instagram-worthy photo along the way. 

Washington State is definitely in the running as one of the most beautiful states in the US!

Submitted by Karee from Our Woven Journey


Waves crashing against a rocky shoreline cliff in Wisconsin.

Images of icicles and blowing snow may be all that comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin. Don’t let this Midwestern state slip under your radar, though! From its thousands of lakes and forests to stunning sandstone caves and historic lighthouses, Wisconsin is filled with beauty no matter what time of year you visit. 

Of course, summer is the perfect time to admire and enjoy Wisconsin’s many forests and lakes. Fishing, kayaking, boating, skiing, biking, camping are just some of the fun activities you can do in Wisconsin during summer. 

While Wisconsin has many lakes to choose from, one of the most beautiful in Wisconsin is Mirror Lake in Wisconsin Dells. This lake is so calm, it looks like glass. (Hence its name.) It perfectly reflects its wooded shoreline for a beautiful photo op! Visiting it is one of the best things to do in Wisconsin Dells

Door County is arguably one of the prettiest spots in Wisconsin. Spring brings beautiful cherry blossoms to Door County, Wisconsin, and the fall colors here are brilliant! Head to Peninsula State Park for some great views of the foliage and stunning hiking trails.  

Even though winter gets a bad rap, Wisconsin is also gorgeous when the temps drop well below freezing. This is especially true if you visit the Apostle Island “Ice Caves” in Bayfield. These “ice” caves form when the waves from Lake Superior splash against the rock and freeze to the sandstone cliff. They are typically accessible in late January to late February, as Lake Superior needs to be frozen solid to safely walk to these stunning caves. 

Submitted by Lindsey Puls from Have Clothes, Will Travel


Majestic rocky mountain range behind a shiny, mirrored lake surrounded by green trees in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Wyoming may be the least-populated state in the United States but it is also one of the prettiest.  It is home to the stunning Grand Teton National Park and most of Yellowstone National Park.  The Teton Range rises dramatically straight up out of the Jackson Hole valley, with a series of beautiful alpine lakes strung along its base, and the serpentine Snake River winding its way nearby them.  There is a stunning 42-mile scenic drive around the park and multiple viewpoints to enjoy the stunning scenery.

Just to the north of the Tetons is Yellowstone National Park. In summer, Yellowstone is packed with people enjoying its abundant wildlife, gushing geysers, brightly colored pools, and thundering waterfalls.  In winter, it is a snowy wonderland best explored by snowmobile or snow coach.

The Gros Ventre Mountains and the Bridger Teton National Forest are other beautiful places with dozens of trails to explore and appreciate the beauty of this incredible state.

In addition to hiking and enjoying the scenery, Wyoming is a great place to stay in a dude ranch or attend a rodeo and embrace its wild west culture!

Wyoming also boasts several super pretty western towns. Thermopolis is home to the largest natural mineral hot spring in the world. Sheridan is famous for its historic downtown center with buildings that are listed on the National Register. And Jackson is a picture-perfect small town with western-themed architecture and a location near Grand Teton National Park that is hard to beat.

Summer is the best time to visit Wyoming, but winter, when much of the state is covered in snow, brings its own picturesque charm. With so much natural beauty, Wyoming is definitely one of the most beautiful states to drive through.

Submitted by James Ian from Parks Collecting

What do you think the most beautiful states in USA are?

There you have it. Travel bloggers reviews of their pick for the prettiest US state. Whether you are looking for the most beautiful states to live in or the best family vacation spots in the US, you won’t go wrong with any of these. In fact, I’ve added a few of these to my bucket list!

What about you? What do you think is the most beautiful state in the US? Is there one you want to visit now after reading this article? Please let me know in the comments.

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