Comeback Alert for Fan Favorite Disney World Activity

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Disney pin trading with cast members is making a joyful return to Walt Disney World! This cherished activity, a favorite among guests, had been on pause but is now back and ready to delight traders old and new.

You’ll find trading spots dotted around all the major parks—from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT, and from Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Animal Kingdom. Each location is a potential treasure trove of pin trading excitement. Don’t forget about the Disney Resorts, too!

lanyard filled with Disney pins

Participating is easy: just look for a cast member sporting a lanyard loaded with pins and ask to trade. This simple interaction is a fantastic way to meet fellow Disney enthusiasts and add some unique finds to your collection. It’s all about the joy of discovery and the personal connections along the way.

Excitingly, Disney is also introducing new pin designs to keep your collections fresh and thrilling. These new additions ensure that there’s always something new to seek out, making each visit and each trade a unique adventure.

Pin trading is more than just collecting—it’s about creating lasting memories and sharing stories. Each pin you trade or receive comes with its own history, making every exchange special. Remember to trade with kindness and respect, as the spirit of pin trading is founded on fun and fairness.

Keep these tips in mind, and dive into the vibrant world of pin trading on your next visit to Disney World. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, the magic of pin trading is sure to add a little extra sparkle to your Disney experience.

New to Disney pin trading? We purchased our first set of Disney pins (along with a lanyard) on Amazon before we left.

Happy trading!

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