Oldest Café in Vienna – Café Frauenhuber review

Looking to go back in time when the Viennese café scene started? Look no further than the oldest café in Vienna – Café Frauenhuber.

Oldest café in Vienna – History

Café Frauenhuber is the oldest café in Vienna. The building itself dates back to 1746. A coffeehouse first moved here in 1821, however, it has changed names several times but has been known as Café Frauenhuber since 1891.

Both Mozart and Beethoven entertained diners here in the late 1700’s. In fact, there is a plaque at the entryway denoting their involvement in the establishment.

Marble stone with black German text on a yellow stucco wall
An inscription near the door of Cafe Frauenhober

Although the café has notable ancestry, it is welcoming and pleasant without a hint of being pretentious.

Prices, also, are on the lower to mid-level for Vienna coffeehouses.

Yellow building with deep red and gold sign saying Cafe Frauenhuber; Tables and chairs set up under large umbrellas with people eating
A simple exterior

The coffees at Cafe Frauenhuber

I ordered the Melange (the Viennese version of a cappuccino) and it was served on a silver platter along with a glass of water and a wafer cookie. It was medium-bodied and made exactly as I like it – not too bold, not too weak.

Silver platter with 2 red packets of sugar, a glass of water with spoon, and a white ceramic mug of coffee topped with foam
The Melange

Kevin ordered the Einspanner coffee which is made with two shots of espresso and lots of whipped cream. It looked delicious.

Silver platter with 2 red packets of sugar, a glass of water with spoon, a small wafer in brown and orange wrapper and a glass mug of coffee topped with whipped cream

Iced tea here serves up hot and poured over ice. Little K loved it. Now, we have to make it that way at home, too. We also split an apple strudel that was moist and full of apples (although not quite the best apple strudel in Vienna).

Silver platter with 2 red packets of sugar, a glass mug of water, and a glass filled with ice cubes and an orange slice along with a silver platter with a piece of apple strudel topped with whipped cream and a fork.
Apple strudel and iced tea

Café Frauenhuber has numerous outdoor tables set up in the warmer months as well as indoor seating with deep red velvet benches.

It is not as showy as other Viennese cafes (see Best Cafes in Vienna), but it is welcoming and full of its own charm being the oldest café in Vienna.

Inside a restaurant with brown wood floors, tables with white tableclothes and deep red velvet booths, a girl in pink and blue posing by a glass shelf with pastries.
Inside view of Cafe Frauenhuber

Location and hours for Cafe Frauenhober


Café Frauenhuber
Himmelpfortgasse 6
A-1010 Wien


Monday – Saturday: 8.00 am – 11.00 pm
Sunday & Holidays: 10.00 pm – 10.00 pm

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What Viennese cafés do you recommend? Please let me know in the comments – we may go back to Vienna next year and I would love to try others.

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