How Old is Cinderella?

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Cinderella is a classic story that has been around for centuries. However, it wasn’t until Walt Disney created his feature-length film, Cinderella, that it became the classic it is known as today. But, just how old is Cinderella? The film never specifically says. Let’s delve into the movie and this beloved character.

All of Disneys princesses - Princess Cinderella with young girl both in blue ball gowns
Princess Cinderella at her castle in The Magic Kingdom

How Old is Cinderella?

It is believed that Cinderella is 19 years old. As a young girl, she lost her mother. Cinderella’s father then married Lady Tremaine who already had 2 daughters around Cinderella’s age.

After her father’s death, her stepmother treated her poorly and made Cinderella do all the household chores. She was forced to wait on Lady Tremaine and her daughters like she was their slave.

Time to Shine

At the same time, the King was looking for a bride for his son. A formal invitation went out ‘to all fair maidens’ inviting them to a ball so his son could meet them.

While Cinderella’s stepmother agreed to let her go to the ball, she really had no intention of actually letting her go. She locked Cinderella in the attic, however, Cinderella’s animal friends were able to get the key from Lady Tremaine’s pocket.

At this point, Cinderella was late for the ball and didn’t have anything to wear. As she is crying, her Fairy Godmother appeared and transformed Cinderella from rags to ballgown and a pumpkin into a stagecoach.

Cinderella captured the eye and the heart of the prince once she arrived at the ball. But, then, as she scurried away when the clock strikes midnight, she lost a glass slipper.

The prince went from door to door in his kingdom looking for his true love. Even though Lady Tremaine tried to hide Cinderella when the prince visited them, Cinderella had the final laugh when she appeared and the glass slipper fit her foot perfectly.

Cinderlla and the prince married and lived happily ever after.

How Old is Cinderella summary

While it is never explicitly mentioned in the story how old Cinderella is, it is assumed she is 19 years old, making her one of the oldest Disney princesses. This is because a girl had to be old enough to attend the king’s ball in the first place. In addition, the script called for ‘all fair maidens’.

Cinderella was a box office success 1950 that pulled The Walt Disney Studios out of bankruptcy and has since been named one of the 10 best animated movies ever made.

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