Disney Princess Heights – Measuring Up The Magic

If you have ever been to a Disney park, you have probably seen the iconic princesses walking around greeting guests and posing for pictures.

But did you know that there is an actual height requirement for these characters? That’s right—if you want to be a Disney princess, there are certain rules that you must follow!

So, what are the necessary Disney princess heights? Let’s find out!

Cinderella and her prince waving to a crowd from a parade float.

Disney Princess Heights – Requirements

According to Disney rules, all female cast members portraying a princess must meet the minimum height requirements of 5’4, up to a maximum height of 5’7″.

This is because the costumes that they wear require certain proportions in order for them to look authentic on stage. The height requirement applies both on-stage and off-stage; even if the character is not performing in costume, they must still meet the minimum height requirement.

In addition to this rule, there are also other physical requirements that must be met in order to accurately portray a character.

Disney princess Rapunzel on a parade float waving to the crowd.

Age Requirements

In the movies, all Disney princesses are between 14-19 years old. However, in order to portray a princess in the parks, you must be at least 18 years old.

Most of the Disney Princesses are between 18-24 years old, but some are up to 28 years of age because they have been working in their role for several years.

Disney Princess Heights FAQs

What is the height requirement for Disney Princesses?

What is the height requirement for Disney Princesses?

How old do Disney Princesses need to be?

In order to be cast as a Disney princess, you must be at least 18 years old. Most princesses are between 18-24 years old.

How do I apply to be a Disney Princess?

First, go to Disney’s Career – Auditions page. Scroll down to the box titled “I’d like to see” and place a checkmark next to ‘Disney Character Look-Alikes’. From there, you can further filter by choosing where you want to work and where you want to audition if you choose.

Who is the smallest Disney princess?

You need to have the right Disney princess height in order to play sisters Anna and Elsa in the Festival of Fantasy parade.

Getting Cast as A Disney Princess

Now that we know what the requirements are, how does one actually get cast as a Disney princess?

All Disney cast members go through an audition process in order to get their roles. During this process, they will be asked questions about their experience with theater or dance and their ability to portray different characters authentically.

During the audition, casting directors will also measure their height and take note of any other physical characteristics that would help them accurately portray a certain character. They will then use this information when selecting which characters each candidate should portray.

Disney Princess Heights Summary

Whether you’ve always dreamed of being an official Disney princess or just want some insight into what it takes to make it into one of those coveted roles, now you know!

Becoming a princess requires more than just being a certain Disney princess height — it requires dedication and hard work too!

If you think you’ve got what it takes then start practicing your singing voice and getting your dance moves down — maybe one day we’ll see YOU on stage at Walt Disney World!

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