Pregnant at Disney World? Know These Important Tips Before Going

Ever wondered how to make your adventure truly magical while pregnant at Disney World?

I’m super excited to introduce a special guest post by Taylor Beal, a fellow Disney World lover I met at a blogging conference last year. Taylor is the owner of Traverse with Taylor – a family travel blog. Here’s her invaluable advice for all you amazing moms-to-be!

Many people wonder: is it possible to visit Disney World while pregnant? Recently, I took a trip to Disney World at 31 weeks pregnant, and I had the time of my life! Enjoying a pregnant Disney World experience is absolutely possible. In this blog post, I’ll cover all of the things you need to know to have the best trip possible!

At a Glance: Is Disney World Worth Visiting While Pregnant?

Short Answer: Of course!

  • Delicious food and snacks
  • Easy resort transportation
  • Plenty of theme rides that you CAN still ride
  • The Disney Magic is a perfect babymoon
Pregnant at Disney World holding toddler in front of castle

Hanging around and doing nothing while pregnant is OUT. Traveling, taking care of yourself, and still having fun doing the things you love to do is IN!

I get it, you planned your Disney trip wanting to do ALL of the things. And now, you’re faced with going to Walt Disney World pregnant. 

The good news is that there are plenty of things to enjoy at Walt Disney World Resorts-even while you’re pregnant! And while you might have to skip out on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror ride (sorry!), you can still have fun riding other rides!

Trust me: I’ve chased my toddler around Disney, pumped my way around Paris and other parts of Europe after having a baby, and even hit the Disney theme parks during my third trimester. I’ve tried out all the things you need to know firsthand, and here’s how you’re gonna have the most awesome Disney experience of your life- even while pregnant!!

Top Tips for a Pregnant Disney Vacation

Family at Disney World

It’s no secret that Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth, but it also comes with a lot of walking and physical challenges…especially if you’re pregnant! Getting around can be tough.

I knew going into my trip to Orlando that if I was going to make it at 31 weeks pregnant at Disney (with my toddler), I would have to plan ahead. Here are the top tips I used to help me have a safe and amazing trip to Disney while pregnant:

1. Stay at a Disney World Resort Hotel

Look, I am all about saving money (after all, you’re having a new baby!), but attempting to stay off-property is not the way to do that when you’re pregnant at Disney. 

Staying on a Disney World Resort property has so many benefits. First and foremost, you have access to brilliantly caring staff in case you should need anything. Beyond that, the buses to and from theme parks, Disney Springs, and other areas on the property make a Disney World Resort hotel stay worth the money. 

The last thing you want to do when you are tired and pregnant and your feet hurt is walk further than you need to. Sometimes it was all I could do to make it onto the bus and finally take a seat! Staying on the property really makes the travel times less stressful and cuts down on the time you’ll be on your feet!

2. Bring Added Pregnancy Support Items 

Even though you’re not packing to travel to another country where you don’t have access to American things, you still need to think about any other support items you might need to bring for your trip and pack them just in case. Don’t plan on having access to them unless you bring them yourself!

For me, this meant bringing a belly band support strap. I didn’t wear it all the time, but it was helpful to have for the days when I was feeling particularly pregnant and hot! 

I also shoved my pregnancy pillow in its bag and carried that onto the plane with me! The last thing you want to be is uncomfortable during pregnancy. So, if something helps, find a way to bring it! You are gonna want all the support you can get!

3. Use Lightning Lane Passes and Genie+

Pregnant at Disney World surrounded by family

Lightning Lane passes and Genie+ are great ways to eliminate some of the stress and pressure on your body from standing in line at Disney World. 

In the Florida heat, you’ll likely be sweating and a little swollen already. You’ll need to be very careful not to exacerbate this by waiting in line. Instead, grab Genie+ access and take a load off while you wait. 

This is a great opportunity to sit in a cafe and hydrate, catch a show in the air conditioning, or even eat one of those yummy Disney vacation snacks that you’re probably craving! 

4. Apply for DAS Pass if You Have a Medical Condition

The Disney DAS pass stands for Disability Access Service. These passes are meant to support guests who have medical conditions that can impact their visit. Generally, DAS passes are reserved for people who are not able to wait in lines due to their disability.

As such, pregnancy on its own does not make you eligible for a DAS pass. However, some pregnancies (like mine) can come with temporary disabilities that do qualify you for a DAS pass.

For example, before our trip to Walt Disney World, I was diagnosed with a pelvic condition called SPD. It made standing for long periods of time painful and unmanageable. I applied for a DAS pass, had my brief interview, and was granted one.

It made all the difference in the world not to have to stand and wait in each line. Instead, I used my DAS pass on the MyDisney Experience App to “stand in line” virtually, and I would just come back to the ride when it was my turn to ride!

5. Plan Break Days

If you’re pregnant and visiting Disney World, you have to plan rest days. I know, I know, you want to make the most of your time…you only have a few days to be in the parks!

But…if you overexert yourself in the Florida heat, you could lose much more time than just one rest day.

Slow down and take some time to relax, kick your feet up, and give your body a break in between all of your busy days.

6. Drink Fluids

Get water. Then drink more water. And then when you’re finished, grab more water again!

The weather is warm in Florida, so, depending on where you live, it may be much hotter than you’re used to. It’s also likely that you’ll be spending more time outside than you typically do. It’s crucial that you drink tons of fluids.

It is easier to get dehydrated than you think. Counter-service restaurants in all of the parks will give you free ice water if you ask, and you should bring a refillable water bottle!

7. Take Care of Your Feet

Okay- this is one of those random little hacks that worked wonders for me doing Disney at 31 weeks pregnant.

Bring items specifically to take care of your feet. I wore arch-support socks most days and also brought Epsom salt foot lotion with me to use each night. It sounds crazy, but as a person who is carrying around an extra body along with putting plenty of steps in…you need to think ahead when it comes to foot care!

8. Go For Comfy, Not Cute

It pains me to say this- especially because I know Disney outfits can be so adorable- but a pregnant mama visiting Disney needs to go for comfort over style. 

Pack your suitcase full of leggings, maternity shorts, comfy tee shirts, and some sweatshirts for cooler nights. This is not the time to dress to impress.

The good news is that there are plenty of adorable Disney maternity shirts. I found a few on Etsy that worked perfectly for our trip and still gave me some of that Disney magic! 

9. Consider Using a Wheelchair

Before you travel as a pregnant Disney World person, come to terms with the idea that you may need to rent an electric wheelchair or scooter during your trip. 

Electric scooters are available for rent at all Walt Disney World parks and waterparks and cost $65 a day. 

While it might not be the way you ideally wanted to explore the theme parks, you may need the break from your feet! And there’s no shame in that. 

I would much rather have taken a day in a wheelchair to recuperate than lose the entire trip.

Walt Disney World Rides Safe for Pregnant Women

Pregnant mom holding a toddler at Disney World

Some Walt Disney World theme park rides are not safe for pregnant women. But, honestly, a lot of them are! Disney puts an “Expecting Mothers Advisory” on rides that are not suitable for pregnancy. And you should avoid these. 

Here are the rides at each of the Disney parks that you cannot ride safely: 

Magic Kingdom

  • Space Mountain
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • TRON Lightcycle Run
  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
  • Tomorrowland Speedway
  • The Barnstormer


  • Mission Space
  • Test Track
  • Guardians of the Galaxy

Hollywood Studios

  • Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run
  • Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
  • Star Tours
  • The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
  • Rock ‘n Roller Coaster
  • Slinky Dog Dash

* Some people you speak to who have visited Disney while expecting will tell you not to ride Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad. I rode this 31 weeks pregnant without any issue. However, some might be concerned about motion sickness. 

Animal Kingdom

  • Kilimanjaro Safari
  • Expedition Everest
  • Dinosaur
  • Avatar Flight of Passage
  • Kali River Rapids

FAQ: Pregnant at Disney World Trip

Mom, dad, and toddler standing in front of the Nemo sign at Disney World

Here are the answers to the questions that get most commonly asked about pregnancy at Disney World:

Is It Worth Going to Disney World While Pregnant?

It is definitely worth going to Disney World pregnant. Although you can’t ride all of the rides, there is still plenty to do and lots of Disney Magic to experience! With a little bit of planning and preparing, a pregnant Disney World trip can be a blast!

What Disney World Rides Can I Ride While Pregnant?

You can ride plenty of rides in Disney World while pregnant! If the ride does not have an “Expectant Mother Advisory,” you can ride it pregnant. For the complete list of appropriate rides, see above!

Which Disney Park is Best During Pregnancy?

Epcot is the best park to visit in Disney World during pregnancy. Everything in Epcot’s World Showcase is pregnancy-friendly, and there are many shows and interactive activities that you can still participate in. The only rides you are unable to ride pregnant in Epcot are Mission Space, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Test Track. Plus, Epcot has the most delicious restaurants for you to try!

Wrapping Up: Tips For a Pregnant Disney World Vacation

Pregnant woman at Disney World with family in front of Remy's Adventure

There you have it! The tips above helped me to have the best trip to Walt Disney World at a whopping 31 weeks pregnant. 

While there are things you definitely do need to skip if you’re taking a Disney vacation while pregnant, there is still plenty to do at the Disney parks! Above all, remember to enjoy yourself, take in the moments, and trust your intuition! 

I hope you have the most amazing pregnant Disney experience ever and create memories to last a lifetime!

Bio: Taylor Beal is an avid traveler, educator, wife, and mom of two little boys, as well as owner and author of Traverse With Taylor, a travel blog focused on helping others experience Europe easily. Taylor is obsessed with unique stories, quaint bookstores, fantastic food, craft beers, all things afternoon tea, and her favorite places: Amsterdam and Scotland. 

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