Disney World Packing List – Your Ultimate Checklist

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You did it! You finally are going to Disney! Of course, thoughts come to your mind like What do I pack?, What do I wear?. Let me guide you through some Disney World packing list tips that I learned after visiting The Mouse for the past 7 years.

There are some items you want to pack for Disney World that you wouldn’t take on vacation somewhere else.


You need to check the weather in Orlando (or California) first. Unless it’s summer! Otherwise, you may be surprised. The first December we went to WDW, they were having a heat wave. It was consistently in the 90’s. We were able to swim and wear tank tops. However, a couple years later in November, we had to run to Walgreens and buy hats, gloves and blankets!

Disney clothes – Besides your basic weather-depending clothes, remember to pack any Disney related clothing items. It’s a lot cheaper to purchase Disney items before heading to the parks. See my post on how to save money at Disney for some items to buy before leaving on your trip.

Do you want to have matching t-shirts? As silly as this sounds if you have never seen it, many families and groups do this. My husband thought it was ridiculous that I would even suggest this, but once he saw for himself how many others were wearing family shirts, he gave in to my demands request.

I purchased family shirts for the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party from Etsy. There are so many items it took me days to decide what I wanted. Please pay attention to the size charts if you decide to order. I ended up ordering my daughter a size I would not have if I blindly just input a size without checking the chart.

Matching Disney family t-shirts
Disney Halloween family t-shirts

Walking shoes – You definitely need good walking shoes. That may seem obvious to most people, but I see women walking around in 3-inch wedges and I wonder how can they really get around all day.

My sister had closed toe shoes but ended up getting blisters all over her heels. Definitely not good when you are walking several miles a day.

I like my Skechers Go Walk 4  that are lightweight and comfortable, but I also take my Teva flip-flops.

Disney items

Autograph book – If this is your first visit to Disney, you may want to get character autographs along with pictures. We did this when my daughter was younger, but have skipped it the past couple of years in favor of more rides.

It is cheaper to buy a Disney autograph book before you leave rather than in the parks. Amazon has a princess book for all the Disney princesses and a Mickey and Friends book that allows you to document your character visit and a place for the picture too. It is similar to ours which is several years old.

Pen – Remember to take a Sharpie. Non-face characters such as Pluto and Mickey have large hands and a Sharpie is easier for them to hold.

Mouse ears – Lots of people will be wearing their mouse ears, it’s not just for kids! You can buy ahead on Etsy or Amazon, but I find the prices similar at the parks unless you are getting one of lesser quality.

Disney pins – Last year, I thought my daughter would have fun pin trading and she did! It’s a big deal at Disney. Any cast member will trade with you. Just go up to them, ask to see their pins and make a trade from your stash if you see one you like better.

Before we left, I bought a Disney pin starter set for around $25 plus a lanyard. These sets are mass produced and you won’t get any hard to find pins, but for just having fun trading, these more than sufficed.

Costumes or dresses – If you plan to do any character meals, your little one may want to dress up as their favorite character! Girls love to wear their princess dresses. For a real splurge, you can take your child to Bibbiti-Bobbiti-Boutique for a Disney costume (ours is from ToysRUs) or to get their hair and makeup done. At the very least, have some pixie dust sprinkled in their hair (I know the one next to Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom does it for free)!

Tickets – Remember to bring your Magic Bands or park tickets. It’s also a good time to see if you have any Disney gift cards laying around because they are good everywhere in the parks.

Disney packing list - autograph book
Buy an autograph book before heading to the Parks
Disney packing list - Mickey ears
Can’t forget the Mickey ears!
Dressing up like Cindarella
Dressing up like her favorite princess

Personal items

The usual stuff….toiletries, makeup, prescriptions or other medications.


Sunscreen – Don’t forget to pack the sunscreen! The afternoon parade starts at 2 pm and it can get quite hot if you are in the sun. We have been in direct sun watching it by Cinderella’s castle, but we have also managed to find some shade over in Frontierland. This is when we usually break down and get a Mickey shaped ice cream.


Some things just don’t have a classification. You may want to take umbrellas or rain ponchos with hoods (I bought mine at the dollar store) because afternoon showers are not uncommon.

You can take food and drink into the parks, but nothing in glass bottles (except baby food). Use the opportunity to pack some snacks in your suitcase and then divide them up in the baggies for each day.

Add these to your Disney World Packing List for winter

Is it going to be cold? Check the weather before you depart. You may want to pack some warmer gear like gloves, hats, scarves or blankets (or end up going to Walgreen’s like I did).

Bundled up at Disney World wearing multiple layers and a hat
It can get cold at Disney World!

Baby gear

If you have a little one in tow, your list doesn’t end here.

Driving in Orlando? Then pack the car seat.

Stroller – either take one, rent one or buy one down there. Click here for the best stroller for Disney World. Don’t think that because your child is 5 they won’t need a stroller. They will. If you stay late for the fireworks, you will be glad you have it.

I am always on the fence about packing things such as diapers. They are so heavy. Usually, I packed enough for 2-3 days. I made sure we went to the local drugstore or supermarket and bought the rest.

Baby wipes – trust me, you are touching so much stuff between the rides, the handrails while waiting in lines, transportation, etc. everyone will want baby or anti-bacterial wipes. Pack enough.

Whew! That’s a lot to remember! My Disney World packing list has all of the above plus more.

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Are there Disney items you take that are not on the list? Please let me know in the comments!

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Fairy tale castle with bronze statues of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse on the right

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