What to Wear to Disney World in July: Quick Picks

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Planning a magical trip and wondering what to wear to Disney World in July? Well, you’re in the right place!

As an annual pass holder and a mom restricted to school vacations, I’ve braved the Disney World summer heat more times than I can count.

Trust me, July in Disney is not just hot; it’s sweltering, with humidity levels that’ll make you feel like you’re walking through a sauna. Oh, and let’s not forget those unpredictable afternoon storms!

But don’t sweat it—literally. Our ultimate guide is here to ensure you’re not only comfortable but also looking fabulous in all those photos you’ll be snapping. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!”

Key Takeaways:

  • My main advice for summer at Disney World is to pack rain ponchos, an extra pair of shoes, sunscreen and plenty of shorts, tank tops or sundresses.
  • Definitely hit the parks when they first open as it’s less hot at that time.
  • Stay hydrated with water bottles and cooling towels.

Disney World Weather in July

According to weather-us.com, July is the warmest month of the year to visit Disney World.

Temperatures range from 73.4° F (23° C) and 93.2° F (34° C) and record an average humidity of 59.6%.

Line chart showing the average low (in blue) and high (in red) temperatures for Walt Disney World by month
Source: weather-us.com

Let’s not forget about the rain! Afternoon showers pop up roughly seventeen days in July, but usually, they don’t last long. Be prepared knowing what to do at Disney World in the rain.

Don’t let the numbers scare you. Little K and I went to Disney World last July for 5 nights and had one of the most amazing times. Just be prepared.


Know what to wear to Disney World in July as well as what to pack and you’ll have as much fun as we did.

Download the Disney Packing checklist right here!

Summer Crowds

Anytime the kids are out of school, Disney World is incredibly crowded. That’s true for school holidays as well as for summer break.

In fact, take a look at one of the Disney crowd calendars such as from Undercover Tourist (it’s free). Check Orlando for the month of July and you will see that every day is ‘red’. This means the parks are the most crowded. Most of the weekdays score an 8 out of 10 on crowd level, but the weekends are 9 out of 10.

What to Wear to Disney World in July

Let’s break this down by what to pack whether that’s for yourself or a young child.

Do you pack for your husband? I’ll include a section for men, as well. However, my husband always packs his own clothes. Or, let me clarify that. He throws his clothes in a heaping mound on the floor next to the suitcase. Then, I roll everything into packing cubes!

What to wear to Disney – Women


Shorts, capris, leggings – Any type of bottom that you usually wear. I do not recommend jeans in the summer because they are too heavy.

Tops – Whether that’s tank tops or t-shirts, pack several.

Sundresses – I am actually more comfortable in a sundress or maxi-skirt/top than I am in pants. While I may not wear one in the parks, they are perfect for walking around Disney Springs.

Disney attire – Matching shirts? Anything Disney-related goes. Don’t forget your Mouse ears, jewelry or any Disney purses!


I suggest at least 2 pairs of shoes. One pair may get drenched in the afternoon downpours, so you’ll be thankful you brought another pair.

Pair of tennis shoes - white with red, yellow and black Mickey Mouse designs and black shoelaces
Bring those Disney shoes

Don’t forget about any flip flops for pool areas or just lounging around.

Please make sure you bring good walking shoes. Check out the best shoes for Disney World for more specific advice. My pedometer clocks in anywhere from 17,000 steps to 27,000 steps each day we are in one of the Disney parks, so great shoes are a necessity.

Along with that, you may want to invest in some moleskin or Leukotape to prevent blisters from forming. These are part of my 25 things people forget to pack for Disney!

I also wear no-show socks with my shoes as an extra layer of blister prevention.



You can’t talk about what to wear to Disney World in July without talking about swimsuits! Whether you are hanging out at the hotel pool (or soothing your muscles in the hot tub) or visiting one of the many water parks in the area, you’ll definitely want a swimsuit.

Don’t forget the coverup, too, as you’re walking around or getting lunch.

Depending how often you are wearing it, you may want to bring two. Mine takes a good 24 hours to dry.

Cooling Towels

I honestly never heard of a cooling towel until I was planning my trip last July. Now, I think it’s one of the best ways to beat the heat at Disney.

Young girl in black hat with pink Minnie Mouse ears wearing a red scarf standing in front of yellow and red tulips
Wearing a cooling towel, sunglasses and a hat!

Wet one of these special towels, wring it out and snap it. It provides a couple of hours of instant cooling, then you just need to wet it again.

Little K and I wore two of these around our necks and now I’ll always take them to Disney with us.

Purchase either cute Disney ones or a generic lot of them for the whole family from Amazon.


A hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and phone charger come in handy. The Disney parks do have their own wifi network. Plus, if you intend to use the Disney app, bring along an external battery pack. You will be surprised how quickly your battery drains.

One more thing you MUST pack for Disney World in July – rain ponchos. Read more about the best ponchos for Disney.

People wearing clear rain ponchos standing in the rain at Disney World
Get out those rain ponchos!

Remember that it rains almost 17 days this month. Buy enough on Amazon for the whole family. Depending on price, you can re-use them or just throw them out. But, they are a definite must.

What to pack for Disney – Kids

For the most part, I pack for my daughter the same as I pack for myself.

However, I do pack a little more of everything – a few more shirts, shorts and sundresses. Disney Springs, as well as other places, has a water spray area that I allow her to run through when it’s really hot out.

Sometimes, I’ll throw in an extra pair of shorts and a T-shirt in my purse so she can change after doing that.

Spray fans – We bought one at Disney World several years ago, replaced the batteries and now bring it with us whenever it’s hot. Even I use it! Fill it with water and when you are hot, turn on the fan and mist yourself with some water. It comes in super handy when you are tired of walking in the sun all day.

Young girl holding a blue and yellow spray fan and wearing a black and pink baseball cap in front of a body of water
Spray fans come in handy when the sun is scorching

Hat – bring along a baseball hat to keep the sun off your little one’s face. For those with long hair, pull a ponytail through the back of the hat for added protection it stays on. We also bring dollar store sunglasses.

Disney costumes – If you are planning any character meals, your child may want to dress up as their favorite character. Bring along that prince or princess outfit. However, in the July heat, you may want to bring a change of clothes if you aren’t going back to your hotel right away.

Woman and young girl dressed in light blue princess costumes
Costumes can be hot!

Light sweater or hoodie – Yes, I know it’s sweltering hot outside, but Little K wears a lot of tank tops and sleeveless dresses. In an air-conditioned character meal, she has been quite cold. Therefore, I throw a little cardigan in my bag in case she needs it. Plus, you never know what it may be like at 7:00 am – assuming you get to the parks when they open.

What to pack for Disney – Men

Again, I usually leave my husband to pick out his own clothes. Although, I do try to remind him to bring a Disney t-shirt.

I have also bought us matching t-shirts and told him which day to wear it!

In any case, with the sun so strong, my husband definitely needs to wear a baseball hat, so I do strongly suggest that along with sunglasses, swim trunks and more than one pair of shoes.

Disney World Special Events in July

While most of the special events for Disney World take place during the fall and holiday season as well as the spring, there are a few special events you can still attend in July.

Disney Villains

Please note, at the current time, Disney Villains has not re-opened yet. Here’s hoping they bring it back soon!

I really want to do this sometime as it sounds so much fun!  Disney Villains After Hours is hosted at Magic Kingdom.

For three hours after the park closes, you are treated to all things villain – Disney style!

Catch Maleficent, Hades, The Queen, Jafar and more in a spectacular stage show at Cinderella’s Castle. Treats such as bottled beverages and various snacks are included in this special ticketed event.

Woman with black and white hair, a white for coat and red gloves standing with a little girl in the dark
Cruella De Vil – one of Disney’s famous villains

Disney Villains After Hours is only available on select nights. Check Disney’s Special Events page for dates and pricing.

Disney H2O Glow Nights

Check out the glow party at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon on select nights throughout the summer!

Toy Story characters are on hand for character greetings, dance at the dj dance party and enjoy the glowing backdrops. All attractions are open, usually with shorter lines.

Don’t forget the unique food and beverage offerings while you are there.

Again, go to Disney’s Special Events page for more details.

July Disney World Travel Tips

While I have a whole post on mistakes not to make a Disney World that details all sorts of tips that you can use year-round, I’ll mention a few here that relate to Disney World in July:

  1. Get to the parks early – Really, I can’t stress this enough. By afternoon, the sun will be scorching and you’ll want to rest away from the heat. Get to the parks early for rope drop and enjoy the coolest part of the day.
  2. Plan and use Genie+ – You aren’t going to want to wait in line for 2 hours baking in the sun. Genie+ enables you to use the shorter Lightning Lane and get on the ride quickly. This is a paid option to skip the lines quickly. Read Is Disney Genie Plus Worth It? before you go.
  3. Use those cooling towels – you will thank me!
  4. Take a break – The sun will tire you out. Schedule a rest day and check out things to do in Disney Springs with kids.
  5. Find a shady spot for the parade – Know the Festival of Fantasy parade route and choose a seat in the shade. You don’t want to bake in the sun for one to two hours waiting and watching the parade.
Young girl in gray sweatshirt holding onto a tan rope in front of a place with a tan and brown sign reading Adventureland
Get to the parks early for rope drop

What to Wear to Disney World in July Summary

Now you know what to wear to Disney World in July. Hopefully, this post prepared you for everything. Most importantly, just relax and have fun. This is the happiest place on Earth!

If you are a big summer fan of Disney World and I forgot something, please let me know in the comments.

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