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If you’re looking for ponchos for Disney, you’re in the right place. We are among Disney’s biggest fans and are very familiar with the way things work once you’re there. Whether you’re visiting the flagship Walt Disney World Resort in Florida – or are heading to California, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo or Shanghai – sudden downpours can be a fact of life. This is where packing ponchos for Disney is one of the most needed items in your Disney day bag.

So how do you find the best ponchos for Disney? What types are there, how much do they cost and what sizes are available? We’ll take you through everything you need to know about finding the ideal rain poncho for your Disney visit. Whether that’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip, or you spend time at one or more of the parks frequently.

Best poncho for Disney – Our Top Pick

We love the SaphiRose adult poncho because it comes in 31 colors. This stylish, reusable poncho also comes in a kids version, so be sure to check that one out below too!

Florida’s hot and humid climate means that rainfall at some point during your stay is a given. Likewise with the Asian parks. Disneyland Paris also experiences its fair share of precipitation – and even in Anaheim, wet weather has of course been known.

Whichever park you’re going to, don’t leave without packing your Disney parks poncho. This guide recommends all the best ponchos for Disney World. It also answers your questions regarding issues on where to buy disposable ponchos, what does a typical Disney poncho cost and how do Disney rain ponchos for adults and kids differ. Read on to discover the best rain poncho for your next Disney adventure!

Compare the top 10 best ponchos for Disney

Find the best rain poncho for Disney easily with this quick reference comparison table.

Choosing the best poncho for Disney

Here are some of the main features to look out for when choosing the best ponchos for Disney.


The ponchos listed in this guide come in various sizes – usually, this will be one size to suit most kids or grown-ups. If you want toddler rain ponchos for Disney, for example, check out the SaphiRose reusable children’s poncho, as it comes in various size options.

Disposable or reusable?

Do you want an ultra-lightweight poncho you can pack in case of rain showers, or would you prefer one for longer-term use? The latter is clearly kinder to the environment, but it’s not always as convenient. Buying a reusable poncho will give you a more durable product – as well as a bigger choice of designs.


A trip to Disney is often a very big deal – so would having a poncho they love be even better for kids or adults? If putting on a poncho they love means they’re more likely to smile through the rain, then surely that’s a worthwhile investment!

Ponchos per pack

How many ponchos do you think you’ll need? This depends on the weather forecast at your destination, which will vary according to the time of year as well as where you’re headed. It doesn’t matter so much when you buy a reusable poncho, but you will need to dry these out. There are family and multipacks available, and we’ve included a range of these to cover all requirements.

Little girl wearing a white poncho and baseball cap in the rain at Disney World

Best ponchos for Disney World – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a poncho?

A poncho is a cover-up designed for protecting the wearer from rain. It’s like a hooded cape that can cover the head and much of the body – and it’s definitely a Disney must-have!

Does Disneyland sell rain ponchos?

All Disney parks will of course sell this much-needed item. A better question to ask might concern the cost of buying them when you’re there. Hence the next question.

How much are ponchos at Disney?

So how much are ponchos at Disney World? There is no simple answer, as it depends on each park and the shops within it. For sure, all we can say is that during a downpour, most people will happily pay more than they otherwise would to stay dry and comfortable. By being prepared, you may avoid queues as well as higher prices!

Where can I buy ponchos for Disney?

Simply click the links provided in this guide for any products you like the look of. This should take you directly to the item, where you can buy it in just a matter of moments.

Best Disney ponchos reviews

Rain poncho family pack

  • Disposable ponchos
  • 4 adults and 4 kids’ ponchos

This family pack of Disney rain ponchos for kids and adults is a very good place to start. If you travel as a family of four it’s ideal, as the great value pack contains 4 ponchos for your kids plus 4 for the grown-ups.

Each pack contains 4 kids’ rain ponchos for Disney World or Disneyland, plus 4 for the adults. The kids’ ones each feature a different design, mainly in blue or neutral hues – though there is one pink poncho in there. For the grown-ups, they are pink, blue, gold and silver in color.

The adult Disney parks poncho has a drawstring hood to help keep out rain, while the kid’s ones do not for safety reasons. This pack of disposable ponchos is affordable, and each is recyclable. It can also be used again on the same day.


  • Great value pack
  • Each poncho is different in design
  • Reusable on same day and recyclable


  • Sizes and designs may not suit all families

Mickey & Minnie Mouse rain poncho 2 pack

  • Reusable ponchos
  • 2 adult or youth ponchos per pack

If you want ponchos for ladies or men and you need more than one, this two-pack of Disney rain ponchos for adults is ideal. Especially if you want your water-resistant wear to have a Mickey and Minnie Mouse theme.

These are reusable ponchos, so they’re kinder to the environment. (Anyway, who could bear to trash such a cute rain cover featuring everyone’s favorite cartoon characters? Not us.) You can order a pack containing two youth ponchos for teens or tweens, or one with two grown-up-sized garments.

One size will fit most youths or grown-ups, and each Disney character poncho has two popper buttons to each side for easy access.


  • Mickey & Minnie Mouse theme
  • Reusable rain ponchos
  • Good quality items


  • Some report strong plastic odor

10 pack of ponchos for women and men

  • Disposable ponchos
  • 10 adult ponchos per pack

This pack of 10 disposable ponchos should see most adults through a longer trip to Disney. They make perfect Disney raincoats for adults who want to throw one or two into a bag, just in case of rain.

These high-quality ponchos for men and women are thicker than some, making them more rainproof. They’re designed to be lightweight to carry, yet are resistant to tearing as well as water. Purchasers can choose between a clear pack and one containing assorted colors.

The material these ideal Disney World ponchos are made from is non-toxic and eco-friendly, meaning it has less of a strong plastic smell. Each poncho also has a drawstring hood to keep the rain off the head.


  • 10 pack offers good value
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic material


  • Not marked as recyclable

SaphiRose reusable rain poncho for adults

  • Reusable poncho
  • 1 adult poncho

If you want something stylish and can be used time and time again, check out these Disney ponchos for adults. They come in over 40 patterned or plain colored options, so whether you prefer pink polka dots, fresh florals or sleek black there’s sure to be a design to suit.

The one-size poncho fits all sizes between small and extra-large, and can also be worn over a backpack, thus keeping you and all your kit dry. Eco-friendly and waterproof yet breathable, this product is made from fabric rather than plastic.

This waterproof poncho with heat-sealed seams is gentle on the environment and your finances, and you can pick just the design that will suit you best. Definitely one of the top Disneyland or Disney World rain poncho options.


  • 31 color or pattern options
  • Made from fabric, not plastic
  • Big enough to cover a backpack


  • Only one poncho provided

SaphiRose reusable rain poncho for kids

  • Reusable poncho
  • 1 kids’ poncho

This is the child version of the above product – and it’s one of the best kids’ rain ponchos for sale anywhere. Like the adult one, it comes in a choice of colors, with 16 to choose from in this case.

There is a range of sizes to pick from too, so it’s easier to find the ideal fit for your child. SaphiRose has also listened to their customers, changing the sizes per buyer feedback.

Whether you want Disney ponchos for toddlers, school-age kids or tweens, this is a great option. Features include extreme water resistance and eco-friendly, quick-drying fabric. It’s also ultra-comfortable to wear, looks good and even has a front pocket and triple popper fastening.


  • 16 designs and 4 sizes available
  • Soft, water-resistant fabric
  • Outer pocket and popper fastening


  • Just one poncho supplied

PRO disposable adult ponchos 5 pack

  • Disposable ponchos
  • 5 adult ponchos per pack

This five-pack of adult ponchos for rain ticks a lot of boxes. They are made from thicker plastic for durability, yet are compact enough to be carried easily in a pocket or purse. Each is also large enough to accommodate a backpack beneath.

You can buy this Disney parks rain poncho in a pack containing five. They come in options of clear to suit all, or you can order a five-pack in red or blue.

One of the best features of this multipack of ponchos is the fact that the material is designed to eliminate that unpleasant, sweaty ‘sauna effect’ that can occur when wearing plastic garments.


  • Pack of 5
  • Large enough to cover backpack
  • Fully breathable material


  • Plain design

Disposable kids’ ponchos 4 pack

  • Disposable ponchos
  • 4 kids’ ponchos per pack

If you’re seeking the perfect ponchos for children, then take a look at the Furry Smile four-pack. Each contains four durable and disposable ponchos for girls and boys to wear at Disney.

These Disney rain ponchos for kids are all multi-colored with cute designs. They are also breathable like the adult version, so they won’t feel stifled during humid weather.

Whether you’re headed to Disney, the weekend game or are off on a National Parks camping trip, these sturdy rain ponchos will keep kids cool and dry.


  • Breathable material keeps kids cool
  • 4 durable, multi-purpose ponchos per pack
  • Multi-colored with designs


  • Cannot choose designs or color

GINMIC family pack of ponchos

  • Disposable ponchos
  • 6 adult and 6 kids’ ponchos

As an alternative to the family poncho pack listed earlier, these GINMIC ponchos come in a pack of 12. There are 6 rain ponchos for kids and 6 for grown-ups in each, offering good value per dollar.

The pack contains one of each color for adults and kids, including red, purple, blue and yellow. Pick the same shade for the whole family or a different one per person, and it will be easier to spot your loved ones among the crowd.

Again the kids’ ponchos have no drawstring to the hood for safety reasons, but the adult ones do. This is the ideal lightweight pack of emergency ponchos to cover the entire family in the event of heavy showers.


  • 4 gender neutral colors
  • Compact yet durable
  • Disposable for convenience


  • Can’t choose colors

Kids’ Minnie Mouse rain poncho

  • Reusable poncho
  • 1 kids’ poncho

This Minnie Mouse poncho for kids not only looks the part – but it also attracts great reviews. What could be better for the children than a Disney parks rain poncho featuring their favorite cartoon mouse?

The clear garments feature a large Minnie motif to the front and are certainly among the best ponchos for rain too. Making this a practical choice – as well as a cute one that kids will adore.

In one size, the vinyl poncho fits most kids and has snap poppers for simple access. It can also be washed on a cold cycle – ideal for those kids who like to get muddy!


  • Disney themed design
  • Reusable vinyl rain poncho
  • Can be washed


  • Just one poncho provided

Mickey Mouse kids’ rain poncho

If they prefer Mickey to Minnie, then why not opt for this kid’s Mickey Mouse poncho? It’s surely the ideal Disney World rain poncho, featuring the most iconic cartoon character of all.

The front features a large image of the original Disney character and also comes in one size to suit most youngsters. Again it has a hood and twin side snap fastenings for easier access.

Messing about in the mud is no problem for this top pick among Disneyland or Walt Disney World ponchos, as it can be washed cold in the same way as the Minnie version.


  • Iconic Mickey Mouse logo
  • Snap buttons for simple access
  • Washable


  • One poncho provided only

Best Ponchos for Disney Summary

We hope this guide to finding the best ponchos for Disney World has been useful. If you enjoyed it, why not check out our other articles on what to wear at Disney World in summer, finding the best stroller for Disney and getting the perfect backpack for visiting Disney.

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