Best Disney Advent Calendar for 2022

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As a family, we are huge Disney fans, so it follows that we want to track down the best Disney advent calendar for 2022! For a lover of all things Disney, what could make the Christmas countdown more exciting than that?

Disney advent calendars aren’t only about Mickey and Minnie, or even Goofy and the rest of the gang. Many popular movie franchises are also operated by Disney, including Star Wars, the Marvel comic book series and anything from Pixar.

If you are anything like me, your house is already full of Mickey and Minnie everything. Might as well count down with your best friends ’til the most wonderful day of the year!

Disney christmas merchandise - Mickey and Minnie plush, Chip and Dale plush and a large pillow shaped like a Mickey head that says 'Fa la la la la'.
My favorite Disney holiday plush!

Whether you want to buy a Frozen advent calendar 2022, or find if there’s a Disney princess advent calendar happening this year, or if you’re looking for a Toy Story advent calendar for a big fan of the movies, this guide will take you through all the options for the ultimate Disney Christmas countdown. Let’s go!

Best Disney Advent Calendar – Our Pick

Disney Plush Christmas advent calendar

Tree-shaped Christmas countdown calendar

This official Disney Store advent calendar contains tiny stuffed satin plush in each pocket, but that’s not to stop you from popping a small piece of candy into it as well! It’s a highly rated item and perhaps particularly suitable for kids with sensory needs.

The Disney holiday tree advent calendar can be used year after year which makes this my number one pick. There’s something special about bringing the same item out every Christmas.

Decorate the tree with the characters and icons. Topped with a golden star and featuring Minnie and Mickey artwork, this is really a collectible piece for Disney fans young and old.

Comparison Table of Disney’s Advent Calendars

The Best Disney Advent Calendar for Christmas 2022

Whether you want to know about the Disney advent calendar storybook collection, already have the Tsum Tsum Disney Countdown to Christmas advent calendar playset in mind or are looking for any Disney toy advent calendar rather than a chocolate one, this list provides you with plenty of inspiration in which to choose from.

Disney storybook advent calendar

24 days of Disney books

If you love the traditional side of Christmas, the Disney Storybook Collection advent calendar 2022 might be the one for you. Rather than plastic toys, it contains 24 paperback books, one for each day of December, right up to and including Christmas Eve.

Each book contains a festive story featuring a whole host of favorite Disney characters and is hidden behind a numbered window. Reading a book together each evening is a lovely way to connect – and to celebrate both Disney and Christmas!

Princess advent calendar

24 paperback Princess tales

The Disney Princesses are so popular that they even get their own Disney Princess advent calendar for Christmas too. Like the more generic storybook calendar, this Disney book advent calendar 2022 contains 24 small books.

This time, though, this storybook advent calendar is centered around all the Disney Princesses. Whether your little one prefers Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White or Sofia, this storybook collection advent calendar 2022 is perfect for princess fans everywhere.

Tsum Tsum advent calendar

18 figures & 6 accessories

The Tsum Tsum Christmas countdown advent calendar is another festive favorite, this time containing mini-figures and accessories to dress them up in. For 24 days, kids can open a window to reveal the cutest of surprises.

Note: This advent calendar does not have a yearly date on it, so it can be used any year.

These sweet little figures should be played with long after Christmas has come and gone, and as well as the accessories, six small items of headwear are also included. As adorable little collectibles, even adults may find these cute characters hard to resist.

Doorables advent calendar

24 collectible figures

If you haven’t come across them before, Doorables are cute little miniature figures with sparkly eyes. Based on Mickey, Minnie and a range of other favorite creatures, princesses and characters, they make great toys – or a super sweet collection to put out on display.

Each door contains a different figure, and even in the unlikely event that your child has the exact same one at home already, they can use them to trade for another with their friends. Or use one for decor while one goes in the toy box – or even try pretending they are twins.

Mickey Mouse Classic advent calendar

32-piece Disney classic advent calendar

If it’s Mickey Mouse you want, then the Classic advent calendar by Disney should be just what you’re looking for. This Mickey advent calendar is a great alternative to the Disney advent calendar book when you require something more traditional.

The calendar comes with 11 mini-figures plus a range of other treats such as stickers, card decorations and little gift boxes. Even the calendar itself can be used for display, or as a setting for kids to play with the figures on.

Minnie Mouse advent calendar

24 days of Minnie dressing-up

For little fans of Minnie Mouse and dressing up, this Minnie Disney Christmas advent calendar is perfect. It comes complete with a Minnie Mouse doll, then behind each day’s door, there is a fun new accessory to open up and play with.

Suggested for age three and up, the set includes dresses, tops, skirts, bags, shoes and other fashion accessories such as sunglasses, headwear and a jacket. This Disney-branded advent calendar is ideal for any Minnie fashionista.

Cars advent calendar

24 days to build a complete playset

This cute Cars advent calendar from Disney Pixar means small kids will build a complete set by Christmas Day – race track and all. In addition to the track, there are five vehicles, plus a range of other arches, road signs and accessories.

Ideal for kids aged three and up, this is another one that should long outlive the festive season for fans of the movies. And all things vehicle-related.

Frozen advent calendar

24 chocolates, toys, books or pieces of jewelry

Frozen fans have several options when it comes to choosing a Frozen advent calendar from the massive movie series. There are traditional candy calendars with chocolate behind each of the 24 doors, or one containing a set of wintry bracelet charms.

You can also buy the Frozen storybook advent calendar if they didn’t get it last year. Like the other storybook options, it contains 24 small books with a new story for each day. Alternatively, go for a Frozen II or an Olaf advent calendar with a new piece to collect each day.

Pixar Minis advent calendar

25 days of Pixar figures & pieces

Another alternative to a Disney chocolate advent calendar is this Pixar advent calendar. It comes with 25 days of surprises, including 14 mini Pixar figures, a Christmas tree and an assortment of stickers.

The figures come from various Disney movies and include Mike from Monsters Inc., Mr. Incredible, Nemo and 11 more. Again the fully completed set is perfect for play or display purposes.

Mickey & Friends advent calendar

Box set containing books, ornaments, activities & 3D tree

If you’re seeking Disney Mickey and Friends advent calendars, this box set goes one better. Like many others, this Disney advent book calendar makes a lovely early festive gift. The calendar itself is in the form of a 3D tree, with ornaments to hang on it included.

This advent calendar with Disney books also contains a storybook and a coloring book, plus various activity sheets for all the family to get involved with. These range from trimming the tree to baking gingerbread, making a music playlist and more.

You can even make this one a personalized Disney advent calendar by writing in the inscription area provided.

Disney sock advent calendar

12 pairs of Frozen, Nightmare Before Christmas or Lilo & Stitch socks

For older kids or adults, you can buy Disney 12 days of socks advent calendars featuring the Nightmare Before Christmas, Frozen or Lilo and Stitch. The former two are aimed at grown women, while the latter come in girls’ sizes. It’s a practical gift that can be worn all year round and is the ideal pick if you want a Lilo and Stitch, Frozen or Nightmare Before Christmas advent calendar.

A 12-day advent calendar can be used in several ways. Start on 13th December and you can open a door each day until Christmas Eve, or you could open one every other day throughout the month. Alternatively, use it as a 12 days of Christmas advent calendar by beginning on the big day itself and continuing for 12 days.

Nightmare Before Christmas advent calendar

Pop up, socks and Funko Pop options

The Nightmare Before Christmas pop-up advent calendar is incredibly popular, and it’s easy to see why. This quirky pop-up Disney Christmas countdown calendar forms the shape of the festive tree, with a new ornament to open each day.

There are other Nightmare Before Christmas advent calendars to go for too. There is a Funko pop option with 24 vinyl figures, as well as men’s or women’s calendars containing 15 pairs of socks in each.

Disney Lego advent calendar

Huge and exciting range of Lego advent calendars

Many Lego advent calendars are related to Disney movies, again like Marvel and Star Wars. New Lego advent calendar 2022 releases also include Friends, City and Harry Potter advent calendars, which make great alternatives to a Disney Christmas calendar.

All of the new releases for 2022 have already attracted high numbers of rave reviews, and it’s easy to see why. By the time Christmas comes, the child (or adult) can have constructed their own complete set featuring their favorite theme.

Sold at perhaps surprisingly affordable prices for such big brand products, Lego advent calendars are ideal for fans of Disney and other fantasy, action, sci-fi or animated movie franchises.

Best Disney Advent Calendar Summary

Which one will you pick?

From a Disney Frozen 2 advent calendar or cute Tsum Tsum calendar to an advent storybook calendar or an advent calendar with Disney socks, there are so many Disney Advent Calendars that can help spread the seasonal joy throughout December. Happy shopping!

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