12 Smart Ways to Slash Your Disney World Spending

Heading to Disney World doesn’t have to break the bank!

We all dream of experiencing the magic, but sometimes the price tag can seem a little daunting. I’ve put together 15 stellar tips to help you save money without skimping on the fun. From savvy planning tricks to insider knowledge on where to find the best deals, these strategies are perfect for any family looking to make the most of their trip to the happiest place on earth.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned park-goer, you’ll find ways to cut costs on everything from tickets and accommodations to meals and souvenirs. So, get ready to plan your adventure—smart savings are just a read away.

1. Plan ahead and buy tickets early

Cinderella's castle framed by a large tree on the left side
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Disney typically raises their prices annually, with Disneyland increasing in October and Disney World in February.

To save, buy your tickets early and lock in lower rates. If your plans change, the value can be applied to new tickets. In addition, purchase your tickets through Undercover Tourist which offers a 365-day return policy with a minimal 5% fee (for most tickets).

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2. Visit during the off-season

Main street at Magic Kingdom decorated for Hallween
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Visiting Disney World during the offseason can lead to significant savings. Not only are ticket prices often lower, but you’ll also find reduced rates on hotels along with fewer crowds.

By planning your trip for times like late January or the month of September, you can enjoy all the magic of Disney at a fraction of the cost.

Bonus tip: The Halloween decorations are up mid-August!

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3. Choose a Disney Value Resort

Hotel room buildings decorated from the 70s with a swimming pool in front
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Staying at a Disney World Value Resort is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on the magic.

These resorts offer lower room rates while still providing the benefits of staying on-site, such as early Individual Lightning Lane bookings and extra Magic Hours which can enhance your park experience.

Additionally, you’ll save on transportation costs with free shuttle services to the parks and other Disney attractions.

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4. Take advantage of complimentary activities and shows

Fireworks over the Grand Floridian
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Disney World offers a variety of free activities that can enhance your visit without costing extra. Enjoy strolling through Disney’s BoardWalk or exploring the nature trails at Disney’s Wilderness Preserve.

You can also catch the nightly fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle from one of the monorail resorts, or camp out for a movie under the stars at select Disney hotels, making magical memories without the added expense.

Did you know some Disney World resorts even have free hotel tours?

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5. Bring your own rain ponchos

People walking in the rain at Magic Kingdom with blue and clear rain ponchos on.
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Don’t be one of those people who pay $14 for a single rain poncho at Disney because they were caught off guard by Florida’s frequent storms.

Always, always pack your family’s ponchos. They do not take up much room and purchasing them before-hand keeps you dry along with saving money.

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6. Free entertainment at Disney Springs

Shops, restaurants and the hot air balloon at Disney Springs
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Disney Springs is a hub for complimentary entertainment that can enrich your Disney World experience without a ticket.

Wander through this vibrant district to enjoy live music, street performers, and unique seasonal events all year round. This lively area offers a taste of Disney magic with no admission cost, making it a perfect spot for an evening of fun and relaxation.

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7. Bring your own essential items

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Packing essential items like sunscreen, hats, phone chargers, and lanyards from home can lead to substantial savings at Disney Parks, where these items are typically sold at a premium.

Make sure to include them in your Disney Park bag each day to avoid overpriced purchases. This simple preparation can keep your budget intact while ensuring you have everything you need for a day of adventure.

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8. Use the Single Rider Lines

Test Track single rider and lightning lane lines
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Utilizing Disney World’s single rider lines can be a savvy alternative to purchasing Genie+. These lines often have shorter wait times for popular rides, allowing you to experience more attractions without the added cost of the fast pass service.

By opting for single-rider lines, you can maximize your time in the parks and save money, making it a practical choice for those looking to enjoy the thrills without splurging on Genie+.

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9. Use Disney’s Refillable Mugs

Someone pressing a button to fill one of Disney's refillable mugs
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Disney’s refillable mugs offer a cost-effective way to stay hydrated and caffeinated during your stay at the resort. Available for purchase at Disney hotels, these mugs allow unlimited refills of fountain drinks, coffee, and tea at any resort self-service station.

Over the course of your vacation, especially for longer stays or larger groups, the savings compared to buying individual drinks can really add up, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious travelers.

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10. Bring your own stroller

Disney World rental strollers all parked right next to each other
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Bringing your own stroller to Disney World can lead to significant savings compared to the daily rental costs at the park, which can add up quickly to a considerable amount by the end of your visit.

Airlines often allow you to check a stroller for free, making it easy to bring along the best one for your needs. Alternatively, purchasing an inexpensive umbrella stroller from a local store like Walgreens upon arrival can also be more budget-friendly than paying the higher rental rates at Disney.

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11. Buy a Refillable Popcorn Bucket

Freshly popped popcorn in a Disney World bucket with blue handle and lid
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Investing in a refillable popcorn bucket at Disney World is a fantastic way to save money on snacks throughout your visit.

For a one-time purchase price, you can enjoy unlimited $2.25 refills, making it an economical choice for families who can share a single bucket. This not only cuts down on snack costs but also keeps everyone happy and satisfied as they explore the parks.

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12. Participate in the Kidcot Fun Stops

Entrance to a Kidcot Fun Stop at Epcot where they can learn about the country and make crafts
Image credit: Jshanebutt at Depositphotos.com

The Epcot Kidcot Fun Stops are a great way to save money while providing entertainment for children as you tour the World Showcase. At these stations, kids can engage in free arts and crafts, collecting stamps and creating personalized souvenirs from each country visited.

This complimentary activity not only keeps the little ones entertained but also reduces the need to buy additional souvenirs, keeping your budget in check.

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